ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Product Specification:
– Product Name: ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses Women/Men
– Type: Retro Round Anti Eyestrain Computer Gaming Glasses
– Usage: Computer Reading/Gaming/TV/Phones Glasses for Women Men
– Lens: Ultra-tough lens with anti-blue and anti-ultraviolet particles added
– Lens Layers: Outer layer – blue anti-blue film, Inner layer – anti-glare and hard scratch film
– Benefits: Blocks harmful light, reduces visual fatigue, and protects eyes from blue light and UV rays
– High-definition lenses: High-quality scratch-resistant lenses for a clear and fatigue-free experience
– Frame: Durable alloy frame with long-lasting gloss
– Nose Pads: Comfortable and non-slip nose pads suitable for various nose shapes
– Weight: Ultra-light design without pressure on the nose
– Lens Shape: Clear and accurate shape with an integrated hinge frame for increased firmness
– Nose Pad Adjustability: Adjustable nose pads for a better fit and control the distance between lens and eyes
– Foot Cover: Soft silicone foot cover that is durable and does not peel off, dry, or crack
– Wearing Comfort: Optimized design and size for a comfortable and secure fit without sliding or clamping
– Materials: High-quality, gold-plated materials for durability and fade resistance
– Quality: Guaranteed high-quality product with advanced technology.

Editor’s Review

ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review


In the era of technology and constant exposure to screens, protecting our eyes from harmful blue light is essential. The ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses for both women and men promise to do just that. With their retro round design and anti-eyestrain features, these glasses aim to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for computer gaming, reading, watching TV, and using phones. In this review, we will analyze the key features of these glasses and determine if they live up to their claims.

Ultra-tough lens for ultimate protection

One of the standout features of the ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses is their ultra-tough lens. The lens has been meticulously crafted using advanced technology, incorporating anti-blue and anti-ultraviolet particles. The outer layer of the lens is a blue anti-blue film, while the inner layer is an anti-glare and hard scratch film. This combination effectively blocks harmful light and reduces visual fatigue.

Anti-blue glasses for comprehensive eye protection

With the increasing use of technology in our daily lives, eye protection has become crucial. The ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses have been designed to effectively block harmful blue light, electromagnetic wave radiation, and ultraviolet rays. Whether you are using a computer, laptop, or smartphone, these glasses can provide the necessary protection to prevent the screen from emitting harmful blue light. This helps in safeguarding your eyes from invisible yet detrimental blue light and preserving your vision health.

High-definition lenses for enhanced clarity

The quality of the lenses plays a significant role in the overall performance of glasses. The ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses boast high-definition, scratch-resistant lenses, ensuring a clear and fatigue-free viewing experience. Additionally, the metal frame of these glasses is made of durable alloy, which maintains its gloss for a long time. The comfortable nose pads are non-slip and suitable for various nose shapes. Moreover, the glasses are ultra-lightweight and provide a pressure-free fit.

Precise and sturdy anti-blue lens design

When it comes to lenses, precision and sturdiness are vital aspects. The ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses excel in these areas. The lenses are created using a steel mold, resulting in a clearer overall shape and more accurate degree compared to ordinary lenses. The hinge frame of these glasses is integrated, enhancing their firmness and ability to withstand various angles. Furthermore, the silicone nose pads are rounded, curved, and adjustable, making them suitable for different nose shapes and allowing for optimal distance control between the lens and the eyes. The soft silicone foot cover not only enhances comfort but also prevents peeling, drying, and cracking.

Comfortable wearing experience for all

The ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses prioritize user comfort through their design and size optimization. Extensive market research has been conducted to ensure that these glasses are suitable for the masses. They are designed to prevent sliding or clamping, providing a comfortable fit even during extended use. The materials used in the construction of these glasses are high-quality and gold-plated, guaranteeing durability and resistance to fading. With the ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses, you can be confident in the quality and longevity of your eyewear.


In conclusion, the ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses offer a comprehensive solution to protect your eyes from harmful blue light and promote vision health. With their ultra-tough lens, effective anti-blue properties, high-definition lenses, precise design, and comfortable fit, these glasses cater to the needs of both women and men. The attention to detail and commitment to user comfort make them a reliable choice for computer gaming, reading, watching TV, and using phones. Invest in the ZXCVBAS Blue Light Blocking Glasses for a comfortable and enjoyable experience while safeguarding your eyes.

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