ZORKI 10 Rangefinder Camera


Product Specification:
– Brand: Russian USSR Camera ZORKI 10
– Lens: Industar-63 2.8/45
– Film Format: 35mm
– Type: Rangefinder
– Origin: Made in USSR // Russia
– Shipping: Worldwide shipping available via registered Airmail with tracking number.

Russian USSR Camera ZORKI 10 lens Industar-63 2.8/45 35mm Rangefinder
  • Russian USSR Camera ZORKI 10 lens Industar-63 2.8/45 35mm Rangefinder
  • Made in USSR // Russia
  • Film Format: 35mm
  • Type: Rangefinder
  • Worldwide shipping via registred Airmail with tracking number

Editor’s Review


The Russian USSR Camera ZORKI 10, equipped with the Industar-63 2.8/45 lens, is a 35mm rangefinder camera suitable for photography enthusiasts looking for a vintage film camera with a touch of history. Manufactured in the USSR, these cameras have gained popularity among collectors and photographers alike. This review will delve into the quality, design, performance, and overall experience of using the ZORKI 10 with the Industar-63 lens.

Quality and Durability

When it comes to quality and durability, the Russian ZORKI 10 meets the expectations one would have from a camera made in the USSR. The sturdy construction of the camera body ensures it can withstand the test of time. The body is made of metal, which gives it a robust feel, and the solid build instills confidence in its durability. The Industar-63 lens, known for its sharpness and optical performance, adds to the overall quality of the camera.

Design and Ergonomics

The ZORKI 10 follows a classic design, typical of rangefinder cameras from the era. Its simplicity and functionality make it a joy to use. The compact size of the camera makes it portable and easy to carry around, which is a plus for photographers who prefer to travel light. The control layout is intuitive, with clearly marked dials and buttons. The ergonomics of the camera allow for a comfortable grip, enabling extended shooting sessions without strain.


The ZORKI 10, coupled with the Industar-63 lens, delivers admirable performance in various shooting conditions. The rangefinder mechanism provides accurate focusing, making it suitable for both close-up and landscape photography. The lens has a maximum aperture of f/2.8, allowing for decent low-light performance. However, at wider apertures, some softness may be noticeable towards the corners of the frame. Nevertheless, for its age, the lens performs admirably well, delivering images with pleasing sharpness and contrast.

Shooting Experience

Using the ZORKI 10 with the Industar-63 lens is an enjoyable experience for any photography enthusiast, especially those who appreciate vintage equipment. The manual controls on the camera, including aperture, shutter speed, and focusing, give the photographer full control over their artistic vision. Adjusting the settings manually not only allows for creative flexibility but also helps one understand the fundamentals of exposure and composition better.

Availability and Shipping

The ZORKI 10, along with the Industar-63 lens, can be purchased online with worldwide shipping options. The package is shipped via registered Airmail, ensuring a secure and trackable delivery. This opens up opportunities for enthusiasts from all around the globe to add this iconic camera to their collection or start a new venture into the world of analog photography.


  • Durable build quality
  • Compact and portable
  • Intuitive control layout
  • Accurate rangefinder focusing
  • Pleasing sharpness and contrast from the Industar-63 lens
  • Full manual control for creative flexibility
  • Worldwide shipping with tracking number


  • Softness in corners at wider apertures
  • Limited availability


In conclusion, the Russian USSR Camera ZORKI 10 with the Industar-63 2.8/45 lens is a remarkable piece of equipment for those who appreciate the charm and nostalgia of vintage cameras. Its durable build, coupled with the performance of the lens, makes it a reliable companion for photography enthusiasts. With accurate rangefinder focusing and full manual control, the ZORKI 10 allows for creative expression while capturing images. Despite its age, this camera holds up well in today’s digital era and provides a unique shooting experience. If you are looking to explore film photography or expand your collection with a piece of history, the ZORKI 10 is a worthy investment. With worldwide shipping options and a secure delivery process, this iconic camera can reach enthusiasts from all around the globe.

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