Zodiac Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Hot Surface Ignitor Replacement Maintenance Parts

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– Product name: Zodiac R0457502 Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Hot Surface Ignitor Replacement
– Instant heat: Brings the pool or spa heater instantly to light
– Compatibility: Fits Zodiac Jandy Legacy LRZE pool and spa heater models 200, 260, and 400
– Construction: Durable plastic and metal construction for long-lasting use
– Hardware included: All necessary mounting/installation hardware is included
– Function: Replacement ignition core for pool/hot tub heater units

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Editor’s Review


The Zodiac R0457502 Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Hot Surface Ignitor is a crucial replacement part for Jandy JXi pool and spa heater models 200, 260, and 400. This product is designed to bring your heater instantly to light without the need to manipulate any knobs. With durable plastic and metal construction, this ignition core is built to last. In this comprehensive review, we will discuss the various features and benefits of the Zodiac R0457502 Hot Surface Ignitor, along with its installation process and overall performance.

Instant Heat

One of the standout features of the Zodiac R0457502 Ignitor is its ability to heat up your pool or spa heater instantly. With this replacement part, you no longer have to spend time fiddling with knobs or waiting for the heater to ignite. The ignition process is smooth and efficient, ensuring that you can enjoy your pool or spa without any delay. Whether you’re looking to heat up your pool quickly for a spontaneous swim or want to relax in a hot spa, the Zodiac R0457502 delivers instant heat.

Premium Replacement Part

The R0457502 Ignitor is exclusively designed as a replacement part for Jandy JXi pool and spa heater models 200, 260, and 400. If your existing ignition core is damaged or not functioning properly, this product is the perfect solution. It is specifically manufactured to fit seamlessly with the Zodiac Jandy Legacy LRZE models, ensuring a perfect match and optimal performance. This replacement part is a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing an entirely new unit, saving you both time and money.

Durable Construction

The Zodiac R0457502 Ignitor is built to withstand the harsh conditions of pool and spa environments. It features a heavy-duty design, incorporating durable plastic and metal construction. This ensures that the ignition core remains intact and performs reliably even when exposed to high temperatures and chemicals associated with pool water. The quality materials used in the manufacturing of this product provide exceptional durability, making it a long-lasting solution for your pool or spa heating needs.

All-Inclusive Hardware

When purchasing the Zodiac R0457502 Ignitor, you can expect all the necessary mounting and installation hardware to be included. This saves you the hassle of searching for individual components or making additional purchases. The package includes everything you need to successfully install the ignition core onto your pool or hot tub heater. With the necessary hardware at your disposal, the installation process becomes quick and effortless, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this replacement part in no time.

Installation Process

Installing the Zodiac R0457502 Ignitor is relatively straightforward thanks to the included hardware and clear instructions. Begin by disconnecting power to your pool or spa heater to ensure safety. The next step involves removing the old ignition core by unscrewing the mounting screws. Take care not to damage any surrounding components during the removal process. Once the old ignitor is removed, carefully position the new R0457502 unit and secure it in place using the included mounting hardware. Finally, reestablish the power connection and test the heater to ensure proper functionality.

Performance and Efficiency

The Zodiac R0457502 Ignitor performs admirably, delivering consistent and efficient heat to your pool or spa. By eliminating the need to manipulate knobs or wait for the heater to ignite, this replacement part saves you valuable time and effort. With its instant heat feature, you can jump into your pool or spa without delay, allowing for a seamless and enjoyable experience. The durability of the R0457502 ensures that it can withstand continuous use, providing reliable performance season after season.


This ignition core replacement is specifically designed for use with Jandy JXi pool and spa heater models 200, 260, and 400. It is not compatible with other heater models, so be sure to verify the compatibility of your unit before purchasing. The Zodiac R0457502 Ignitor fits seamlessly into the existing heater setup, allowing for easy installation and reliable operation. Ensure that you accurately identify your heater model to guarantee a perfect fit and optimal performance.


In conclusion, the Zodiac R0457502 Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Hot Surface Ignitor serves as an exceptional replacement part for Jandy JXi pool and spa heater models 200, 260, and 400. With its instant heat feature, durable construction, and inclusive hardware, this ignitor offers convenience, longevity, and efficiency. Save time and money by replacing your old or malfunctioning ignition core with the Zodiac R0457502. Ensure compatibility with your specific heater model, follow the installation process carefully, and enjoy the reliable, instant heat provided by this outstanding replacement part.

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