YEmirth Cordless Pool Vacuum

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Product Specification:
– Product Name: YEmirth Cordless Pool Vacuum
– Purpose: Commercial grade cleaning and heavy-duty power for swimming pools
– Material: Premium PVC, safe, and environmentally friendly
– Durability: Sturdy and durable, can be used for a long time
– Efficiency: Equipped with a brush for efficient debris cleaning from walls and ground floors
– Application: Suitable for hot tubs, swimming pools, spas, ponds, and more
– Power: 2000mAh rechargeable battery
– Design: Cordless and IPX8 waterproof for easy carry, storage, and use in hot springs
– Installation: Convenient assembly, easy to use with one-key switch for cleaning operation.

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Editor’s Review


When it comes to maintaining a clean and inviting swimming pool, the YEmirth Cordless Pool Vacuum is a must-have tool. This handheld rechargeable cleaner is specifically designed for commercial grade cleaning and heavy duty power. Made of premium PVC, this pool vacuum is built to last and can be used for a long time.

Premium Material

The YEmirth Cordless Pool Vacuum is made of premium PVC material, ensuring its safety, environmental protection, and durability. This heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for both inground and above ground pools. You can rely on this vacuum to withstand the demands of frequent use and maintain its performance over time.

Efficient Cleaning

Equipped with a brush, this pool vacuum is designed to efficiently clean debris from both the walls and the floor of your pool. Whether you have a hot spring, pond, or any other type of water feature, this vacuum will make quick work of removing unwanted dirt and debris. It’s the perfect tool to keep your pool looking pristine and inviting.

Wide Application

The YEmirth Cordless Pool Vacuum is suitable for a variety of water features. Whether you have a hot tub, swimming pool, spa, or pond, this vacuum can handle the cleaning job effectively. It’s a versatile tool that can be used in different scenarios, making it a valuable helper in maintaining the cleanliness of your swimming pool or other water features.

Cordless Design

One of the standout features of this pool vacuum is its cordless design. With the YEmirth Cordless Pool Vacuum, you no longer have to worry about tangled cords or restricted movement. This vacuum is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, providing you with the freedom to move around your pool and clean with ease.

Convenient to Install

Setting up the YEmirth Cordless Pool Vacuum is a breeze. It’s designed to be user-friendly, with an easy assembly process. The built-in battery ensures that you can start cleaning with just a touch of a button. This convenient design allows you to focus on cleaning your pool without any unnecessary complications or hassle.


Overall, the YEmirth Cordless Pool Vacuum is a reliable and efficient tool for maintaining the cleanliness of your swimming pool or other water features. With its premium PVC construction, it’s built to last and withstand heavy-duty use. The brush attachment ensures efficient cleaning on both the walls and floor. Its cordless design provides freedom of movement, and the convenient installation makes it user-friendly. If you’re looking for a powerful and convenient pool vacuum, the YEmirth Cordless Pool Vacuum is an excellent choice.

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