XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo


Product Specifications:
– XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo (AXE540L R2-2800KV-FOC)
– SKU: 38020313

In the box:
– 1 AXE R2 ESC
– 1 540L R2-2800KV-FOC System

ESC Specifications:
– Cont./Peak Current: 80A/480A
– Input Voltage: 2-3S LiPo, 6-9S NiMh
– BEC Output: 6V/7.4V Switchable, Continuous Current of 6A (Switch-mode)
– Input Connector: XT60
– Programming Port: Built-in Bluetooth
– Firmware: iOS or Android smartphone (installed with the HW LINK app)

Motor Specifications:
– 540L R2 2800KV Motor
– Diameter: 36.0mm (1.42in)
– Length: 57.8mm (2.28in)
– Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm (0.125in)
– Pole: 4

XERUN Axe 540L FOC System - Combo (AXE540L R2-2800KV-FOC)
  • What's in the box , (1)AXE R2 ESC (1)540L R2-2800KV-FOC System SKU:38020313
  • Cont./Peak Current (80A/480A) Input Voltage(2-3S LiPo, 6-9S NiMh)
  • BEC Output(6V/7.4V Switchable, Continuous Current of 6A (Switch-mode) Input connector(XT60)
  • Programming Port (Built-in Bluetooth) Firmware(iOS or Android smartphone (installed with the HW LINK app)
  • 540L R2 2800KV Motor Diameter: 36.0mm(1.42in) Length (mm): 57.8mm(2.28in) Shaft Diameter: 3.175(0.125in) Pole: 4

Editor’s Review

XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo (AXE540L R2-2800KV-FOC): A Powerful and Versatile System for RC Enthusiasts


RC enthusiasts are always on the lookout for high-performance systems that can enhance their overall racing experience. The XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo (AXE540L R2-2800KV-FOC) promises to deliver power, efficiency, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. In this in-depth product review, we will explore the features, performance, and overall value of this exceptional system.

What’s in the Box

Upon receiving the XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo, you will find the following components:

– 540L R2-2800KV-FOC System

Let’s delve deeper into the specifications and capabilities of each component.

AXE R2 ESC: Power and Control Combined

The AXE R2 ESC boasts impressive specifications that make it stand out in the market. It offers a continuous current rating of 80A, with a peak current rating of 480A. This ensures that the system can handle demanding situations and deliver constant power to your RC vehicle.

Input Voltage Flexibility

The ESC can be operated with a range of input voltages, making it compatible with various power sources. It supports 2-3S LiPo batteries and 6-9S NiMh batteries, allowing you to choose the power configuration that best suits your needs or racing style.

Versatile BEC Output

The BEC output of the AXE R2 ESC is truly versatile. It provides two options for voltage output: 6V and 7.4V, which can be switched according to your preference. The continuous current of the BEC output is rated at 6A, ensuring a stable and sufficient power supply to your receiver and servos.

Convenient Input Connector

The ESC features an XT60 input connector, which is a widely used standard in the RC community. This makes it easy to connect the ESC to your power source without the need for additional adapters or modifications.

Seamless Programming Experience

Gone are the days of cumbersome programming interfaces. The AXE R2 ESC comes with a built-in Bluetooth module, allowing you to conveniently program the ESC using your iOS or Android smartphone. By installing the HW LINK app, you can access a user-friendly interface that offers a plethora of customization options, including throttle curve, drag brake, punch, and much more.

540L R2-2800KV-FOC Motor: Unleash the Power

Working in harmony with the AXE R2 ESC, the 540L R2-2800KV-FOC motor is a true performer. With a compact diameter of 36.0mm (1.42in) and a length of 57.8mm (2.28in), this motor fits perfectly in most RC vehicles. The 3.175mm (0.125in) shaft diameter ensures durability and reliability even under extreme conditions.

Efficient and Smooth Operation

The 540L R2-2800KV-FOC motor utilizes a 4-pole design, which enhances its torque and efficiency. This translates into improved acceleration and top speed, allowing you to dominate the tracks. Additionally, the motor features a FOC (Field Oriented Control) system, which maximizes torque at low RPMs and maintains a smooth operation throughout the entire RPM range.

Installation and Setup

Installing the XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo is straightforward and hassle-free. The compact dimensions of both the ESC and motor make them versatile and compatible with a wide range of RC vehicles. The included XT60 connector simplifies the installation process and ensures a secure and reliable connection.

To set up the system, download and install the HW LINK app on your iOS or Android smartphone. The app provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize various parameters to suit your specific needs and preferences. The built-in Bluetooth module ensures a seamless connection between your smartphone and the ESC, eliminating the need for additional programming devices or cables.

Performance on the Track

Now it’s time to unleash the full potential of the XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo on the track. Whether you’re participating in a casual race or a professional competition, this system is designed to deliver exceptional performance.

Smooth and Precise Control

Thanks to the FOC (Field Oriented Control) system, the motor exhibits excellent low-speed control, making it ideal for precise maneuvers on the track. The throttle response is instantaneous, allowing you to maintain full control over your RC vehicle. Whether you need to navigate tight corners or perform quick overtakes, the XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo will not disappoint.

Impressive Power Output

The 2800KV motor is capable of delivering an impressive amount of power. With the AXE R2 ESC managing the power delivery, you can expect consistent power output even at high speeds. This translates into lightning-fast acceleration and impressive top speeds that will leave your competitors in awe.

Durability and Reliability

RC racing can be demanding and punishing on your equipment. However, the XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo is built to withstand the rigors of aggressive racing, ensuring durability and reliability. The robust construction of both the ESC and motor ensures they can handle high temperatures, vibrations, and shocks without compromising performance.


The XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo (AXE540L R2-2800KV-FOC) is a prime example of cutting-edge technology and exceptional engineering. With its powerful AXE R2 ESC, versatile 540L R2-2800KV-FOC motor, and seamless programming experience, this system offers a comprehensive solution for RC enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a competitive racer or an avid hobbyist, the XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility. Its compatibility with various power sources, easy installation process, and intuitive app-based programming make it an ideal choice for RC enthusiasts at all levels.

Investing in the XERUN Axe 540L FOC System – Combo will undoubtedly elevate your racing experience and give you the competitive edge you desire. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your RC racing to new heights with this exceptional system.

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