XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 Canon EF Full Format Lens


Product Specifications:
– Product Name: XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 Canon EF Full Format Lens
– Lens Type: MF Cine Video Lens
– Lens Mount: Canon EF
– Aperture: T1.5
– Focal Length: 35 mm
– Sensor Compatibility: Full frame (35 mm)
– Resolution: Suitable for High Resolutions and 4K video
– Follow Focus Sprockets: 0.8 mm sprocket included
– Box Contents: 35 mm T1.5 XEEN Cine Lens EF Mount

XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 Canon EF Full Format Lens MF Cine Video Lens for High Resolutions with Follow Focus Sprockets
  • 4K full frame lens
  • Light intensity: T1.5
  • 0.8 mm sprocket
  • Box contents: 35 mm T1.5 XEEN Cine Lens EF Mount

Editor’s Review


The XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 Canon EF Full Format Lens is a high-quality cine video lens designed for filmmaking professionals. It is specifically crafted to deliver exceptional performance and stunning image quality for high-resolution projects. With its Follow Focus Sprockets and the ability to shoot in 4K full frame, this lens is a powerful tool for cinematographers looking to capture breathtaking footage. In this review, we will explore the features, performance, and practicality of the XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 Canon EF Full Format Lens.


The XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 lens boasts an impressive light intensity of T1.5, allowing for exceptional low light performance. Whether shooting in a dimly lit environment or working with natural lighting, this lens delivers outstanding results with minimal noise and distortion. The wide aperture also provides excellent depth of field control, allowing filmmakers to explore creative options when crafting their shots.

One notable feature of this lens is the inclusion of 0.8 mm sprockets for follow focus functionality. This allows for precise and smooth focusing, ensuring that your footage remains sharp and in focus even during dynamic shots or critical moments. The follow focus sprockets provide enhanced control and accuracy, making it an ideal lens for professional cinematography.

Image Quality

The XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 lens excels in delivering impeccable image quality. The lens utilizes premium optical elements and coatings to minimize lens flares, ghosting, and chromatic aberrations. This results in sharp and vibrant images with true-to-life colors.

The lens is designed for full-frame cameras, ensuring that it utilizes the entire sensor area to capture maximum detail and clarity. This, combined with the ability to shoot in 4K, allows filmmakers to achieve stunning visuals with crispness and precision. The lens also maintains excellent performance across the entire range of apertures, delivering consistent image quality from T1.5 to smaller apertures.

Ease of Use

Despite being a specialized cine lens, the XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 lens is surprisingly easy to use. Its EF mount makes it compatible with a wide range of Canon cameras, making it a versatile choice for filmmakers who work with different camera models. The lens is also relatively lightweight, considering its rugged build quality and the high-quality materials used in its construction.

The inclusion of follow focus sprockets significantly enhances the lens’s ease of use. The sprockets allow for seamless integration with follow focus systems, making it effortless to achieve precise and smooth focus pulls. Additionally, the lens features smooth and well-dampened manual focus and aperture rings, providing a tactile and precise feel to the user.


The XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 lens is built to withstand the rigors of professional filmmaking. Its robust construction ensures that it can endure demanding shooting conditions, including harsh weather and rough handling. The lens is made from high-quality materials that not only add to its durability but also give it a premium look and feel.

The lens is also designed to be resistant to dust and moisture, further enhancing its reliability in various shooting environments. Filmmakers can rely on the XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 lens to perform consistently, even in challenging conditions, without compromising image quality or functionality.

Box Contents

The XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 lens comes with a comprehensive set of accessories and contents. In the box, you will find the lens itself, with its EF mount ready for immediate use. Additionally, the box includes lens caps to protect the front and rear elements when not in use. A lens hood is also provided to minimize lens flares and protect the lens from stray light.

Furthermore, a robust and high-quality storage case is included, ensuring that the lens is protected during transportation and storage. The case is designed to securely hold the lens, providing additional peace of mind for filmmakers who are always on the go.

  • 35 mm T1.5 XEEN Cine Lens EF Mount
  • Lens caps
  • Lens hood
  • Storage case


The XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 Canon EF Full Format Lens is a fantastic choice for professional filmmakers who demand exceptional image quality and performance. With its T1.5 light intensity, follow focus sprockets, and the ability to shoot in 4K full frame, this lens offers remarkable versatility and creative control. The lens’s ease of use, durability, and comprehensive box contents make it a valuable investment for cinematographers looking to push the boundaries of their craft. Whether capturing stunning landscapes, intimate portraits, or action-packed scenes, the XEEN Cinema 35 mm T1.5 lens delivers outstanding results that will leave audiences captivated.

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