EZGA Door Closer Vent Replacement Cylinder

Specifications Product Name: EZGA Door Closer Roof Automatic Greenhouse Window Opener Vent Replacement Cylinder Temperature Sensor Specifications: – Easy installation and operation – Wired connectivity – Remote control and keypad for opening and closing the gate – Time promotion function with variable gate speed (slow, slightly faster, slow again) – Clutch for easy manual operation … Read more

JINGOU Greenhouse Vent Automatic Opener

Specifications – Product Name: JINGOU 4PCS Greenhouse Vent Automatic Opener – Suitable for: Most greenhouses – Load-bearing capacity: Up to 15 lbs (7 kg) – Maximum height: Approximately 45 cm – Solar Heat Sensitive Working Condition: Opens when temperature exceeds 77¬∞F /25¬∞C and closes when temperature drops to 59¬∞F /15¬∞C – Material: Zinc-coated Steel (Durable … Read more

Bootstrap Farmer Hand Crank Winch for Greenhouse Ventilation

Specifications – Product Name: Bootstrap Farmer Sidewall Manual Hand Crank Winch for Greenhouse Ventilation – Material: Stainless steel handles, full plastic resin casing – Corrosion Resistance: Long anti-corrosion time – Gear Ratio: 4:1 for easy cranking – Locking Mechanism: Self-locking; automatic brake holds sidewall in place – Compatibility: Drive shaft fits perfectly inside 3/4″ EMT … Read more

Automatic Agricultural Greenhouse Window Opener

Specifications – Product Name: FIDALIKA Automatic Agricultural Greenhouse Window Opener – Product Type: Solar Heat Sensitive Window Openers – Automatic Window Size: Approx. 38cm√ó9.5cm√ó5cm/15.0inch√ó3.7inch√ó2.0inch – Maximum Window Opening: 45cm / 18 inch – Maximum Opening Weight: 7kg/15lb – Temperature Range: Fully adjustable between 20 – 25 ¬∞ C (68 – 77 ¬∞ F) – Suitable … Read more