Lovibond Comparator 2000

Specifications – Product name: Lovibond 433250 Comparator 2000 – Country of origin: United Kingdom – Color scales: available with the most popular color scales – Usage: used for comparing transmittance of samples to glass color standards – Product type: comparator – Package Dimensions: 14″ L x 10″ W x 6″ H Editor’s Review Introduction The … Read more

Blue Devil B7492 Phenol Red, 8 oz Bottle

Specifications – Product name: Blue Devil B7492 #2 Phenol Red (5-Way) – Test: Pool’s pH Indicator – Bottle size: 8 oz – Bottle material: Plastic – Used as a reagent refill for Blue Devil test kits – No assembly required Editor’s Review Introduction The Blue Devil B7492 #2 Phenol Red (5-Way) is an 8 oz … Read more

Taylor K-1000 Test Kit

Specifications Product Specification: – Name: Taylor K-1000 Basic Residential Pool & Spa Test Kit – Testing Parameters: Total Chlorine, Bromine, and pH – Convenient Packaging: Comes in a handy storage case – Includes: Comparator to mix samples and 2 easy-to-use reagents – Reliable Results: Provides accurate results in seconds – Easy to Use: Collect water … Read more

Total Nitrogen Sewage Detector

Specifications Product Specification: – Total Nitrogen Sewage Detector – Cost-effective design – Measures and detects total nitrogen content in sewage – Accurate and reliable results – Portable and easy to use – User-friendly interface – LCD display for clear readings – Compact and lightweight design – Requires minimal maintenance – Suitable for both professional and … Read more