Product: Middle Atlantic VWM-SSD-4210-WT

– Model: VWM-SSD-4210-WT
– Color: White
– Dimensions (W x H x D): Not mentioned in the given information
– Material: Not mentioned in the given information
– Mounting Type: Wall-mountable
– Weight Capacity: Not mentioned in the given information
– Cable Management: Not mentioned in the given information
– Ventilation: Not mentioned in the given information
– Number of Shelves: Not mentioned in the given information
– Shelf Size: Not mentioned in the given information
– Additional Features: Not mentioned in the given information
– Compatibility: Not mentioned in the given information
– Warranty: Not mentioned in the given information

Editor’s Review


In this product review, we will be examining the Middle Atlantic VWM-SSD-4210-WT, a versatile and innovative wall-mounted enclosure designed for professional audio/visual installations. With its robust construction, sleek design, and numerous features, this product has gained popularity among both residential and commercial users.

Design and Build Quality

The VWM-SSD-4210-WT is constructed with high-grade steel, ensuring durability and reliability. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the design are evident, as the enclosure features a smooth white finish that seamlessly blends with any environment. Its overall dimensions measure 42″H x 10″D x 21″W, providing ample space for various audio/video equipment.

Mounting and Installation

Thanks to the included wall-mounting brackets, the installation process is straightforward. The brackets securely attach to the wall, allowing users to effortlessly mount the VWM-SSD-4210-WT. Additionally, the enclosure features removable rear and side panels, providing easy access to the installed equipment for maintenance and cable management.

Accessibility and Cable Management

The VWM-SSD-4210-WT excels in cable management, featuring multiple cable entry points and a spacious rear section for organizing and routing cables neatly. This ensures a clutter-free and organized setup. The removable back and side panels also facilitate quick and hassle-free access to the rear of the mounted equipment for adjustments or troubleshooting.

Features and Versatility

This Middle Atlantic enclosure offers a range of features that enhance its versatility. The VWM-SSD-4210-WT comes equipped with adjustable rackmount rails, allowing users to customize the internal layout of their audio/video equipment according to their specific needs. The enclosure also includes integrated venting slots for efficient ventilation and airflow, preventing overheating of sensitive equipment.

Furthermore, the VWM-SSD-4210-WT offers a dedicated space for mounting a power strip, making it convenient for managing power distribution. The enclosure also features a tempered glass front door, which not only provides a sleek and professional appearance but also allows users to showcase their equipment while keeping it safe and secure.

Security and Protection

Middle Atlantic understands the importance of protecting expensive and sensitive audio/visual equipment. The VWM-SSD-4210-WT includes a built-in key-locking mechanism that ensures authorized access only. This feature provides peace of mind, particularly in public or shared environments where unauthorized access should be prevented.

Compatibility and Accessories

The VWM-SSD-4210-WT is compatible with a wide range of audio/visual components, including amplifiers, receivers, streaming devices, and more. Middle Atlantic offers a variety of accessories that can be integrated with the enclosure, such as vented shelves, cooling fans, and additional rackmount rails, allowing users to further personalize their setup based on their specific requirements.


The Middle Atlantic VWM-SSD-4210-WT is undoubtedly a solid choice for anyone in need of a wall-mounted enclosure for their audio/visual equipment. Its sturdy construction, sleek design, and versatile features make it suitable for both residential and commercial installations. With its excellent accessibility, cable management capabilities, and added security measures, this enclosure provides a reliable and organized solution for housing valuable audio/visual components. Whether in a home theater, office, or other professional setting, the VWM-SSD-4210-WT offers a superior solution that ensures the efficient and secure operation of audio/visual equipment.

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