White Madagascar Jasmine

Specifications Product Specification: – Plant Type: White Madagascar Jasmine – Quantity: 1-Pack – Growth: Professionally Grown – Pot Size: 3-4 inches – Shipping: Ships from Easy to Grow – Blooms: Beautiful and Fragrant White Stephanotis flowers in explosive clusters – Growth Habit: Vines that can be trained to climb or kept trimmed as tidy mounds … Read more

Seed Needs

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Seed Needs, Cardinal Climber Vine Seeds for Planting (Ipomea Quamoclit) Heirloom, Open Pollinated & Untreated (2 Packs) – Quality: All seeds are intended for the current and following growing seasons, stored in a temperature controlled facility with low moisture levels – Quantity: Generous quantities of seeds provided, can be … Read more

9GreenBox – Red Riding Hood Perennial – 4” Pot.

Specifications Product Specification: – Plant Type: Mandevilla – Pot Size: 4 inches – Maximum Height: 20 ft or more – Flower Type: Trumpet-shaped, colorful and fragrant – Sun Requirements: Full sun, can tolerate partial shade (minimum 6-8 hours of sun per day) – Soil Type: Well-drained – Watering: Soil should be allowed to dry before … Read more