iPower 8 Inch Inline Duct Ventilation Smart Fan

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: iPower – Model: 8 Inch Inline Duct Ventilation Smart Fan – Airflow: 830 CFM – Noise Level: 51 dB – Speed: 3000 RPM – Power: 180W – Voltage: 110~240V (Alternating Current) – Kit includes: fan, intelligent controller, corded sensor probe, AC power plug, free rope, and required mounting hardware – … Read more

6Inch Inline Fan

Specifications Product Specification: – Type: 6 Inch Inline Fan with Variable Speed Controller – Suitable for: Growing tents, bathrooms, kitchens, hydroponics, growing rooms, etc. – Function: Ventilation and exhaust blower, manages humid and hot conditions – Power Plug: US Plug, 100 to 120V – Application: Indoor grow facilities, vertical farms, heating and cooling transfer, commercial … Read more

VIVOHOME 4 Inch 188 CFM Black Round Exhaust Inline Duct Fan

Specifications – Product Name: VIVOHOME 4 Inch 188 CFM Black Round Exhaust Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller for Indoor Garden Ventilation – Fan Type: Combination of axial and centrifugal fan – Air Flow: 188 CFM (maximum tested at zero atmospheric pressure) – Assembly: Lightweight, durable, and UV resistant plastic housing for long-term use … Read more

HAILM Hydroponic Ventilation Kit

Specifications – Product Name: HAILM Hydroponic Ventilation Kit (6″ – 150Mm) – Type: Compact Indoor Intake Extractor Fan Carbon Filter Setup – Ventilation Kit includes: In-Line Duct Fan, Carbon Filter, Ducting Hose, Pipe Clips – All-in-one complete ventilation kit – Suitable for both new and experienced growers – High air flow capacity: up to 187 … Read more

iPower 8-Pack 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter

Specifications – Product name: iPower GLFILT4MX8 8-Pack 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter – Application: Indoor plants grow tent odor control scrubber – Odor control: Protects from chemical irritants and eliminates odors from bathrooms, basements, kitchens, pets, smoking, pungent smell, and particulates from indoor grow tent – Versatile use: Can be used as an intake or … Read more

BestMart New Tech LED Grow Light

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: BestMart New Tech 800W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light + 8” Indoor Air Carbon Filter Inline Ducting Fan Flex Ducting Clamps for Hydroponic Growing Tent – LED Grow Light Specifications: – Power Consumption: 800W – Efficiency: High Efficiency PPF LEDs – Lifespan: High-end and high-performance self-heating dissipation construction for long … Read more

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Inline Fan Combo

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: VIVOSUN – Model: 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Fan with Speed Controller, 6 Inch Carbon Filter and 8 Feet of Ducting Combo, Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Monitor – Inline Fan: – Fan speed: 2450 RPM – Noise level: 50 dB – Airflow: 440 CFM – Carbon Filter: – Charcoal Bed: … Read more

Yosoo Inline Duct Fan

Specifications Product Specification for Yosoo Inline Duct Fan: – Blower with fan speeds of 2575 RPM – Airflow range of 345 to 1150 m3 / min – Aerodynamic centrifugal impeller for strong airflow with low sound distribution – Designed for quiet ventilation of grow tents, heating or cooling transfer, air circulation, cooling closets, and odor … Read more

Dust Shroom Filter (10 Inch)

Specifications – Product Name: Dust Shroom Filter – Brand: Horti-Control – Size: 10 Inch – Type: Filter – Usage: Designed to filter dust particles – Manufacturer: Horti-Control – Filtration Efficiency: High – Material: Made of durable and high-quality materials – Application: Suitable for use in indoor gardening or any environment with dust particles – Installation: … Read more