Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan Handsfree Camcorder


Product Specification:
– Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan Bodyworn Handsfree Camcorder
– 1080 Full HD Camera
– Nightvision functionality
– 15 Hour Battery Life (continuous record time)
– Date & Time Stamp feature
– IP67 Water Resistant
– Model: VCC-005-HDPRO3
– Full HD 1080p recording
– Rugged and water resistant body
– Long life battery with up to 300 hours standby time
– Internal 64GB memory for storing up to 36 hours of footage
– Nightvision mode for recording in low-light conditions
– Pre-record mode available
– TFT Menu screen for easy navigation and settings adjustment.

Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan Bodyworn Handsfree Camcorder | 1080 Full HD Camera | Nightvision | 15 Hour Battery Life | Date & Time Stamp | IP67 Water Resistant | VCC-005-HDPRO3
  • Full HD 1080p IP67 Rugged water resistant bodyworn camera
  • "Long life battery - Up to 15 hours continuous record time - 300 standby time"
  • Internal 64GB memory for up to 36 hours of footage
  • Nightvision and Pre-record Modes
  • TFT Menu screen

Editor’s Review


The Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan Bodyworn Handsfree Camcorder is a top-notch product that offers outstanding features and performance. With its full HD 1080p camera, night vision capabilities, and IP67 water resistance, this bodyworn camera is a versatile and reliable choice for anyone in need of constant video recording. In this review, we will delve into the different aspects of this device, including its long battery life, ample storage capacity, and additional features like the date and time stamp and TFT menu screen.

Long Battery Life

The standout feature of the Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan Bodyworn Handsfree Camcorder is its exceptional battery life. With up to 15 hours of continuous record time and an impressive standby time of 300 hours, this camera ensures that you never have to worry about running out of power during extended recording sessions. Whether you are on a long shift or involved in a surveillance operation, the long-lasting battery guarantees that you can capture every important moment without interruption.

Internal 64GB Memory

Another commendable aspect of the Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan is its internal 64GB memory, which provides ample storage for up to 36 hours of footage. This generous storage capacity eliminates the need for constantly swapping memory cards and allows you to record extended periods of activity without any inconvenience. Whether you’re a professional security officer or simply enjoy capturing moments during outdoor adventures, this camcorder ensures that you have enough space to store all your important recordings.

Nightvision and Pre-record Modes

The inclusion of night vision capabilities in the Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan enhances its versatility and utility. With its built-in night vision, this camera enables you to capture clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions. Whether it’s for surveillance purposes or documenting your late-night explorations, the night vision feature ensures that you don’t miss out on any vital details.

Additionally, the pre-record mode of this camcorder is a significant advantage, especially in unpredictable situations. The pre-record function allows the camera to continuously buffer and record the previous few seconds before you press the record button. This ensures that no critical moments are missed, even if you react a bit late. The combination of night vision and pre-record modes makes the Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan an unrivaled choice for anyone seeking a reliable and high-performing bodyworn camera.

TFT Menu Screen

The Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan comes with a user-friendly TFT menu screen, which simplifies the setup process and provides easy access to various settings. The intuitive interface allows you to navigate through the menu effortlessly, adjust the camera settings, and review your recorded footage. The TFT menu screen ensures that you can quickly make changes on-the-go, without the need to connect the device to a computer or smartphone. Additionally, the screen’s crisp resolution enhances the overall experience of using this camera.


In conclusion, the Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan Bodyworn Handsfree Camcorder is a remarkable product that offers exceptional features and performance. With its long battery life, internal 64GB memory, night vision capabilities, and pre-record mode, this camera is a reliable choice for various applications, including security, outdoor activities, and surveillance operations. The inclusion of a TFT menu screen further adds to the convenience and ease of use of this device. If you are in need of a rugged and high-quality bodyworn camera, the Veho Muvi HD Pro 3 Titan should be at the top of your list.

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