RJVW Portable Neck Fan

Specifications – Product Name: RJVW Portable Neck Fan – Product Type: Hand Free Personal Hanging Neck Sports Fan – Power Source: USB Rechargeable – Speed Settings: 3 Speed Adjustable – Headphone-like design for hands-free use – Fashionable and portable for use in hot weather – Can be hung above an umbrella or parasol – Three … Read more


Specifications Product Name: STLZ01CFBB Product Type: Storage Fan BBU Battery Module Compatibility: S2600T Storage System Specifications: 1. Model Number: STLZ01CFBB 2. Product Type: Fan BBU Battery Module 3. Compatibility: Designed for use with S2600T Storage System 4. Battery Type: BBU (Backup Battery Unit) 5. Cooling System: Equipped with fan for efficient heat dissipation 6. Power … Read more

HONYIN Rotation Small Desk & Clip on Fan

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: HONYIN – Rotation: 720¬∞ rotation – Design: Small desk and clip-on fan with sturdy clamp – Motor: Built-in advanced brushless motor for stability and durability – Power: USB plug-in – Cooling Options: 3 speeds for optimal airflow and comfort – Grip Clamp: Can be easily clipped on any surface and … Read more

Portable Bladeless Neck Fan

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: FrSara Portable Bladeless Neck Fan – Power Source: USB Charging – Battery Capacity: 4000mAh – 360¬∞ Surrounding Air Outlet: Provides cool air from all directions – Three-speed Adjustable: Allows you to choose your desired airflow intensity – Quiet Operation: Noise reduction design minimizes noise to around 20dB – 3 … Read more

Big Ass Fans Portable Fan

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: Big Ass Fans – Product Name: Portable Fan – Model: Sidekick – Color: Midnight Black – Fan Diameter: 48 inches – Power Supply: 120V/1Ph (120 volts, single phase) – Power Cord Length: 12 feet Editor’s Review Introduction The Big Ass Fans Portable Fan, Sidekick Midnight Black, is a game-changer in … Read more

Stroller Fan

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: SkyGenius Battery Operated Stroller Fan – Power Source: Rechargeable battery (included), USB powered – Rotation: 360¬∞ vertical and horizontal rotation – Wind Speed: Maximum wind speed of 16.5ft/s – Noise Level: Low noise operation – Speed Settings: 3 adjustable speeds – Battery Life: 3~6 hours working time (depending on speed) … Read more

WULFY LZRDZSW Mini Surround Sound System

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: WULFY – Product Type: Surround Sound System – Model: LZRDZSW – Type: Mini, Small Home Electric Fan – Suitable for: Dormitory, Office, Desktop, Student Bed – Features: Air Conditioner Charge, Small Fans, Ultra Quiet Fan – Color: Use our sound equipment for binge-watching your favorite TV shows, for movie nights … Read more

Haomaomao Neck Fan

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Haomaomao „Äê2023 New„Äë Neck Fan – Design: Wearable Hand Free Neck Fan – Battery: Built-in 2500 mAh rechargeable battery – Charging: USB rechargeable design – Modes: Low, Mid, and High speed modes – Fan Blade: Seven-leaf design – Working Time: 6-20 hours (depending on wind speed) – Rotation: 360-degree … Read more

Smart Standing Fan

Specifications – Product: Smart Standing Fan 2 – Voice Control: Able to control the fan using voice commands – Dual Blades: Equipped with two blades for a more natural breeze – All Around Cooling: Provides cooling in all directions – DC Motor: Utilizes a DC motor for efficient energy consumption – 100-level Speed: Offers 100 … Read more

Compatible with NS Cooling Fan 2 Fans External USB Power Super Turbo Temperature Cooler Fan Compatible with NS Conso (Color : Set 22)

Specifications Product Specification: – Compatible with NS 5000RPM Cooling Fan – 2 Fans – External USB Power – Super Turbo Temperature Cooler Fan – Compatible with NS Console (Color: Set 22) – Working Voltage: DC 5V – Working Current: 500mA – Product Size: L184 X W42 X H62mm/3.31 X 1.65 X 2.44″ – Specially designed … Read more