Uonlytech Led Appliance Bulb


Product Specification:
– Brand: Uonlytech
– Product: Led Appliance Bulb
– Quantity: 2 pieces
– Bulb Type: E14
– Wattage: 4 Watts
– Voltage: Standard Free Base 110V
– Color Temperature: 3000K
– Light Color: Warm White
– Service Life: 30,000 hours
– Heat Dissipation: Excellent
– Installation: Easy to install
– Suitable for: Home, kitchen, restaurant, microwave oven, bar
– Longevity: Provides approximately 30,000 hours of light and warmth per bulb
– Wide Application: Can be used in microwaves, ovens, and other small household appliances
– Guarantee: Questions will be answered within 24 hours, and quality problems will be addressed.

Uonlytech Led Appliance Bulb 2PCS Oven Light Bulbs, E14 4W 3000K Small Screw Refrigerator Fridge Light Bulb Warm White Light Replacement Microwave Light Bulb for Home Kitchen...
  • Specification: Standard Free Base 110v, 4 Watt, 30, 000h service life, 3000K warm white light. Excellent Heat Dissipation.
  • Easy to Install: you can light your home, kitchen, restaurant, microwave oven, bar with this brass lamp bulb.
  • Longest Life: These Long- Lasting Incandescent Bulbs Provide Approximately 30, 000 Hours ( Per Bulb ) of Light and warmth.
  • Wide Application: This appliance light bulb can be used in many household appliances such as microwaves, ovens, and other small household appliances.
  • Guarantee: Any questions will be answered within 24 hours, and if items with quality problem.

Editor’s Review

Product Review: Uonlytech Led Appliance Bulb 2PCS Oven Light Bulbs

The Uonlytech Led Appliance Bulb 2PCS Oven Light Bulbs are a versatile and reliable option for your home kitchen. With its impressive specifications, easy installation, long lifespan, and wide application, this product is sure to meet your lighting needs. In this review, we will delve deeper into the features and benefits of these bulbs, making it easier for you to make an informed purchasing decision.


  • Standard Free Base 110v
  • 4 Watt
  • 30,000h service life
  • 3000K warm white light
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation

Easy Installation

The Uonlytech Led Appliance Bulb features a small screw design (E14), making it easy to install in various household appliances such as microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators. Whether you are replacing an existing bulb or setting up a new appliance, this product provides a hassle-free installation experience. Simply screw it in and enjoy the warm white light illuminating your home, kitchen, restaurant, or bar.

Longest Life

With a remarkable lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours per bulb, these long-lasting incandescent bulbs guarantee years’ worth of light and warmth. Say goodbye to frequent bulb replacements and enjoy uninterrupted illumination in your kitchen space. Whether you use these bulbs for direct lighting or accentuate specific areas, their longevity ensures you won’t need to worry about replacements for a long time.

Wide Application

One of the standout features of the Uonlytech Led Appliance Bulbs is their versatility. These bulbs work seamlessly with various household appliances, including microwaves, ovens, and other small appliances. The ability to use them in different settings allows you to achieve consistent and well-lit spaces throughout your home. Whether you need to replace a microwave light bulb or enhance the lighting in your oven, these bulbs have got you covered.


Uonlytech stands behind the quality of its products and provides excellent customer service. Any questions or concerns regarding the Led Appliance Bulbs will be promptly answered within 24 hours. Additionally, in the unlikely event of any quality problems with the bulbs, Uonlytech offers a reliable guarantee ensuring that you receive a satisfactory solution.


To sum up, the Uonlytech Led Appliance Bulb 2PCS Oven Light Bulbs are an outstanding choice for anyone seeking a durable and efficient lighting solution for their kitchen appliances. With its easy installation process, long lifespan, and wide application range, this product offers excellent value for money. Furthermore, Uonlytech’s commitment to customer satisfaction adds an extra layer of assurance. Invest in these bulbs, and you can enjoy well-illuminated kitchens and appliances for years to come.

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