Unywarse Metal Garden Hose 50ft


Product Specification:
– Length: 50ft
– Material: High quality stainless steel and thickened PVC
– Features: Flexible, lightweight, kink-free, tangle-free, pet-proof, puncture-proof
– Resistant to breaking under pressure
– Withstands pet bites, cactus punctures, dragging over wall edges and floors without rusting, bursting, leaking, tearing or corroding
– Encased with stainless steel protection for consistent, stable and high-pressure water output
– Non-expandable to ensure steady and uninterrupted flow of water
– Anti-tangle design, can be laid flat with no twists, kinks or tangles
– Upgraded connector design with extended large aluminum connectors and extra-long soft shell for lightweight, sturdy dragging on rough surfaces
– Equipped with four leak-proof washers
– Nozzles with ergonomic non-slip rubber grips and lockable trigger clip
– 10 function nozzles for various watering needs
– Connectable expandability with connectors on both sides to extend overall length
– Easy to roll up and store
– Comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard box, suitable as a gift.

Unywarse Metal Garden Hose 50ft, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Water Hose with 10 Function Nozzle Flexible, Lightweight, Kink Free & Tangle Free, Pet Proof, Puncture Proof Hose...
  • High Quality Metal Garden Hose : This 50ft metal garden hose is made of high quality stainless steel and thickened PVC making it resistant to breaking...
  • Flexible without Kinks & Tangles: The garden hose body is encased with stainless steel protection that provides consistent, stable and high pressure...
  • Upgraded Connector Design & Leak-Proof : The metal garden hose is equipped with extended large aluminum connectors andextra-long soft shell design,...
  • 10 Function Nozzles: The nozzles come with ergonomic non-slip rubber grips for easy handling. Equipped with a lockable trigger clip, easy to use...
  • Connectable Expandability: Each metal garden hose 50ft has connectors on both sides. When a garden hose does not reach the length you need, you can...

Editor’s Review


The Unywarse Metal Garden Hose 50ft is a high-quality stainless steel hose that promises to be resistant to breaking, rusting, bursting, leaking, tearing, and corroding. With its flexible and kink-free design, this hose aims to provide a hassle-free watering experience. Additionally, it comes with a 10-function nozzle and the ability to connect multiple hoses for added length. In this review, we will dive deeper into the features of this metal garden hose.

High-Quality Construction

The Unywarse Metal Garden Hose is constructed with high-quality stainless steel and thickened PVC, ensuring durability and resistance to various elements. The stainless steel protection encasing the hose body not only adds stability but also maintains a consistent high-pressure water output. It is capable of withstanding pet bites, cactus punctures, dragging over rough surfaces, and even sharp edges without any signs of damage. Gone are the days of frequently replacing garden hoses!

Flexible and Tangle-Free

One of the major advantages of the Unywarse Metal Garden Hose is its flexibility without kinks and tangles. The anti-tangle design allows the hose to be easily laid flat with no twists or kinks, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted flow of water. This flexible nature also enables the hose to effortlessly navigate through iron fences, rose bushes, and corners, making it perfect for any outdoor space. Additionally, the ability to lay flat makes storage a breeze, keeping your garden tidy and organized.

Upgraded Connector Design for Leak-Proof Performance

Equipped with extended large aluminum connectors and an extra-long soft shell design, the Unywarse Metal Garden Hose boasts a sturdy and lightweight construction. These connectors provide a secure attachment and can be dragged on rough surfaces without causing any damage or leaks. The package also includes four leak-proof washers, which should be installed before use to prevent any potential leakage. With this upgraded connector design, you can finally say goodbye to those frustrating old leaky hoses.

10 Function Nozzle

Included with the Unywarse Metal Garden Hose is a 10-function nozzle that offers a wide range of watering options. The ergonomic non-slip rubber grips make it comfortable to hold and handle. The lockable trigger clip ensures easy and convenient usage without requiring excessive force. The nozzle is designed to work efficiently under both low and high water pressure conditions, making it suitable for various watering needs. Whether you’re watering your garden, yard, patio, lawn, or using it for car, window, house, or pet cleaning, this nozzle has you covered.

Connectable Expandability

Each 50ft metal garden hose from Unywarse comes with connectors on both ends, allowing for easy connection of multiple hoses. This feature is particularly useful when you need additional length to reach far corners of your garden or outdoor space. By connecting two hoses together, you can extend the overall length without compromising water flow or pressure. Additionally, this high-quality hose is designed to roll up easily, making it effortless to store and keep your garden clutter-free. The Unywarse Steel Hose comes neatly packaged in a beautiful cardboard box, making it an excellent gift option for a fellow gardening enthusiast.


In conclusion, the Unywarse Metal Garden Hose 50ft is a high-quality, durable, and flexible hose that offers numerous benefits. Its stainless steel construction ensures resistance to damage, while the anti-tangle design eliminates kinks and twists. The upgraded connector design provides leak-proof performance and the 10-function nozzle caters to various watering needs. The ability to connect multiple hoses expands its reach, and the easy storage option ensures a tidy garden. Overall, this metal garden hose is a reliable and long-lasting investment for any outdoor enthusiast.

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