Underwater Drone (Yellow-Mini-S 100m+Backpack+Wire Winder)


Product Specifications:
– Type: Underwater Drone
– Color: Yellow
– Filming Capability: HD Video, 4K UHD Video
– Waterproof: Yes
– Diving Depth: 100m+
– Equipment Included: Backpack, Wire Winder
– Human-Computer Interaction: Professional Remote Control and APP
– Parameter Recording: Depth, Temperature, and other parameters
– Live Streaming Support: Yes
– Social Media Sharing: Yes
– HDMI Output: Yes
– Picture Quality: Clear and detailed
– Lens Capability: Shoots 4K UHD video
– Underwater Color Restoration: Yes
РAdjustable Tilt Mode: ±45° tilt angle adjustment
– Air Speed: 2m/s
– One-Touch Depth Setting Mode: Yes
– Intelligent Control Algorithm: Yes
– Smart Propulsion: Capable of precise surfacing, diving, hovering, tilting, and turning
– Thrusters: Three vertical thrusters
– Stable Operation: Yes.

Editor’s Review


When it comes to underwater filming, fishing, or professional salvage and rescue operations, having the right equipment is essential. The Yellow-Mini-S 100m+Backpack+Wire Winder is an underwater drone that offers incredible capabilities in all of these areas. With its advanced features and smart design, this drone is a must-have for anyone looking to explore the underwater world. In this review, we will dive into the various aspects of this drone and highlight its key features and benefits.

Human-computer interaction

One of the standout features of the Yellow-Mini-S is its professional remote control and APP interface. This allows the user to have full control over the drone and access important information in real-time. The drone can record depth, temperature, and other parameters simultaneously, providing valuable data for underwater researchers and enthusiasts. The support for live streaming and social media sharing adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience, allowing users to share their underwater adventures with friends and followers. Additionally, the HDM output feature allows for easy connectivity to external devices, enhancing the user experience even further.

Clear picture quality

The lens of the Yellow-Mini-S is designed to deliver stunning visuals in 4K UHD video. Every detail underwater is captured with clarity, allowing users to experience the underwater world like never before. The image restoration algorithm employed by the drone fixes any color distortion that may occur underwater, ensuring that the picture quality remains clear and brilliant. Whether you are capturing marine life or exploring submerged wrecks, the Yellow-Mini-S will provide you with breathtaking visuals that truly capture the essence of the underwater environment.

Adjustable tilt mode

To ensure that you capture the perfect shot, the Yellow-Mini-S features an adjustable tilt mode that allows for a ¬±45¬∞ tilt angle adjustment. This game-like control feature gives users the freedom to find the ideal camera angle for their shots. Whether you want to capture the majesty of a coral reef or the precision of underwater structures, this feature enables you to navigate smoothly at different angles. With the drone’s air speed of 2m/s, you can position the camera precisely where you need it to be, guaranteeing stunning visuals every time.

One-touch depth setting mode

Navigating underwater can be a challenge, but the Yellow-Mini-S makes it easy with its intelligent control algorithm and one-touch depth setting mode. This innovative feature allows for free navigation and specified depth hovering, enabling users to find and capture the images they desire. Whether you are a professional diver or an amateur enthusiast, this mode ensures that you have full control over the drone’s movements and can capture the perfect shot with ease.

Smart Propulsion

The Yellow-Mini-S is equipped with smart propulsion capabilities that make it highly maneuverable underwater. With the ability to surface, dive, hover, tilt, and turn, this drone offers unparalleled control and stability. The combination of three vertical thrusters and intelligent algorithms ensures that the drone operates smoothly in all directions. Whether you are exploring underwater caves or conducting rescue operations, this feature guarantees that the drone remains steady and responsive, even in challenging conditions.


In conclusion, the Yellow-Mini-S 100m+Backpack+Wire Winder is a game-changer in the world of underwater drones. With its advanced features such as professional remote control and APP interface, clear picture quality, adjustable tilt mode, one-touch depth setting mode, and smart propulsion, this drone offers an exceptional underwater filming, fishing, and salvage experience. Whether you are a professional diver, underwater researcher, or simply a lover of the underwater world, the Yellow-Mini-S is a must-have piece of equipment. Its user-friendly interface, stunning visuals, and precise control make it a top choice for anyone looking to explore the depths. Take your underwater adventures to new heights with the Yellow-Mini-S.

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