Ugold Plant Tie Tape


Product Specification:
– Product: Ugold 8mil Extra Thick Stretch Plant Tie Tape
– Length: 150 feet
– Width: 1/2 inch
– Color: Matte Green
– Material: High-quality, flexible and durable material
– Thickness: 8 mil (compared to most tie tapes in the market, which are usually 4 mil or 6 mil)
– Use: Suitable for planting, grafting, fixing, and tying tomatoes, grapes, trees, and other plants
– Non-adhesive: Does not contain adhesive
– Versatile: Can be used for tying other items in daily life
– Weather-resistant: The color on the tape does not fade or break in all weathers
– Appearance: Matte green color that matches various plants and adds vitality to the garden
– Strength and stretchability: The 8 mil thickness provides better stretchability and strength compared to other tie tapes in the market. It is ideal for training and staking plants.
– Size: 8 mil x 1/2″ x 150 ft.

Ugold 8mil Extra Thick 150 Feet x 1/2'' Stretch Plant Tie Tape, Garden Tie Tape for Planting and Grafting, Plant Ribbon for Tomatoes, Grapes and Trees, Green Tie Tape, Garden...
  • Heavy Duty, the Strongest Strecth Plant Tie Tape! - The Ugold garden tie tapes are 8 mil extra thick. Compare to most of 4 mil or 6 mil tie tapes in...
  • Wide Use, Non-adhesive - The garden tie tape is your right hand for planting, grafting, fixing and tying tomatoes, grapes, trees and many other...
  • Matte Green, Better Appearance - Vibrant matte green can get the tie tape perfectly match all kinds of plants, and bring a lot of vatality to your...
  • Premium Material - Flexible and durable, the tape is made with high-quality material. The color on tape doesn't not fade or break in all weathers.
  • Size - 8 mil x 1/2" x 150 ft.

Editor’s Review

Product Review: Ugold 8mil Extra Thick 150 Feet x 1/2” Stretch Plant Tie Tape


In the world of gardening, having the right tools and accessories can make all the difference. One such essential tool is the Ugold 8mil Extra Thick 150 Feet x 1/2” Stretch Plant Tie Tape. This garden tie tape is designed to provide the utmost support and strength while training and staking plants. With its wide range of uses and premium features, it proves to be a valuable addition to any gardener’s toolkit.

Strength and Durability – The Strongest Strecth Plant Tie Tape!

One of the standout features of the Ugold garden tie tapes is their 8 mil extra thickness. This sets it apart from most of the standard 4 mil or 6 mil tie tapes available in the market. The increased thickness results in improved stretchability and strength, making it an ideal choice for training and staking plants.

With the Ugold tie tape, you can rest assured that your plants will receive the support they need throughout their growth. The strong and durable tape ensures that even in windy conditions or when plants become top-heavy, they will remain firmly in place. This extra strength allows for a hassle-free gardening experience, without having to worry about plants falling or collapsing.

Wide Use, Non-adhesive Convenience

The Ugold garden tie tape is a versatile tool that can be utilized for various gardening tasks. Whether you are planting, grafting, fixing, or tying, this tie tape proves to be your perfect companion. It provides the necessary support for tomatoes, grapes, trees, and many other plants.

Furthermore, this tie tape is not limited to gardening work alone. Its non-adhesive nature makes it a great tool for tying other items in daily life. Whether it’s securing loose cables, bundling objects together, or even organizing household items, the Ugold tie tape comes in handy.

Matte Green for Better Appearance

Aesthetics play a crucial role in gardening, and the Ugold garden tie tape excels in this aspect. Its vibrant matte green color perfectly matches all kinds of plants, adding a touch of vitality to your garden. The tape blends seamlessly with the foliage, providing a natural and cohesive look.

Moreover, the conspicuous color of the Ugold tie tape makes it suitable for marking purposes as well. You can easily identify specific plants or areas in your garden that require special attention or care. This feature ensures that your gardening efforts are well-coordinated and organized.

Premium Material for Long-lasting Performance

When it comes to gardening accessories, durability is a key factor. The Ugold garden tie tape is crafted with high-quality material, making it both flexible and durable. The tape maintains its strength and elasticity, even in challenging weather conditions.

Rain or shine, the color on the tape does not fade or break, ensuring that it remains vibrant and visible throughout its lifetime. This durability allows you to use the Ugold tie tape for multiple seasons, making it a cost-effective and reliable choice for your gardening needs.

Size Matters – 8 mil x 1/2″ x 150 ft.

The Ugold garden tie tape comes in a convenient size of 8 mil x 1/2″ x 150 ft. This generous length provides you with ample tape to work with, allowing you to complete various tasks without the need for frequent re-purchasing.

The 1/2″ width of the tape offers a suitable balance between strength and flexibility. It is wide enough to provide sufficient support for your plants, yet narrow enough to be discreet and blend seamlessly with the foliage. The 8 mil thickness ensures the utmost durability and stretchability.


The Ugold 8mil Extra Thick 150 Feet x 1/2” Stretch Plant Tie Tape is a garden essential that every gardener should consider adding to their toolkit. With its unmatched strength and stretchability, it provides the necessary support for plants during training and staking. The wide range of uses, non-adhesive convenience, and vibrant matte green color add to its versatility and aesthetic appeal. Crafted with premium materials, this tie tape ensures long-lasting performance and durability. Its size is well-suited for various gardening tasks, making it a practical and cost-effective choice. With the Ugold garden tie tape, your plants will thrive and flourish with the support they need.

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