Turtle Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser


Product Specification:

– Product Type: Turtle Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser 2 in 1 kit
– Kit Includes: Turtle Pool Chlorine Dispenser & Turtle Pool Thermometer
– Performance: Monitors pool water temperature and keeps pool or spa ready to use
– Chlorine Tablet Holder: Collapsible and adjustable release
– Floatability: Unsinkable when thrown from a high place
– Tablet Capacity: Holds up to 5 Pcs of 3″ Chlorine/Bromine Tablets at once
– Cap: Lockable cap for secure storage of chlorine tablets
– Design: Cute turtle design, suitable for above-ground and inground chlorine pools
– Material: Strong and durable ABS plastic with UV-resistant walls
– Longevity: Lasts for years without color fading
– Easy to Use: Rotate to open and fill with chlorine tablets
– Safety: Made from safe materials for use in pools
– Warranty: After-sales warranty provided for quality problems

Watersecret Turtle Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser 2 in 1 kit, Collapsible Chlorine Floater ,Anti-Corrosion Fits 3" Chlorine Tablets,Release Adjustable for Swimming...
  • 🍀【2 IN 1 Turtle Kit with Perfect Performance】Turtle Pool Chlorine Dispenser & Turtle Pool Thermometer kit,While monitoring your pool water...
  • 🍀【Unsinkable & Adjustable Release】When thrown from a high place,Your turtle chlorine tablet holder won’t sink with full Chorine/Bromine...
  • 🍀【Large Capacity & Safe for Pool】Floating Chemical Dispenser for pools,holds up to 5 Pcs of 3" Chorine/Bromine Tablets at once .Twist-lock cap...
  • 🍀【Cute Turtle Design & Premium Quality】Lovely turtle collapsible design, perfect for above-ground and inground chlorine pools.Made from Strong...
  • 🍀【After-Sale Warranty】Watersecret Turtle Chlorine Floater are made by good quality, ,to ensure you are 100% satisfied. If your floater has any...

Editor’s Review

Turtle Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser 2 in 1 kit, Collapsible Chlorine Floater, Anti-Corrosion Fits 3″ Chlorine Tablets, Release Adjustable for Swimming Pool, Hot Tub SPA is a must-have product for pool owners. In this comprehensive product review, we will delve into the various features and benefits of this product, as well as provide insights into its overall performance and durability. We will also discuss the after-sale warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Perfect Performance with a 2 in 1 Kit
The Turtle Pool Chlorine Dispenser and Turtle Pool Thermometer kit offers a perfect combination to ensure the optimal maintenance of your pool. The turtle pool thermometer allows you to monitor your pool water temperature, ensuring that it is always at the right level for a refreshing swim. This is especially important during the hot summer months when pool water can become uncomfortably warm. With this kit, you can easily keep track of the temperature and make necessary adjustments to maintain the perfect swimming conditions.

Unsinkable and Adjustable Release
One of the standout features of this product is its unsinkable design. Even when thrown from a high place, the turtle chlorine tablet holder remains afloat with full chlorine or bromine tablets. This is a significant advantage as it ensures that the tablets are evenly distributed throughout the pool, maximizing their effectiveness. Additionally, the lockable cap and adjustable ring provide complete control over the release of the chemicals, allowing for precise dosage adjustments.

Large Capacity and Pool Safety
The floating chemical dispenser has a large capacity, capable of holding up to 5 pieces of 3″ chlorine or bromine tablets at once. This is extremely convenient as it reduces the frequency of refills, saving you time and effort. The twist-lock cap ensures that the stored chlorine is secure, and the tablets will not fall out until they are ready for dispersion. This eliminates the risk of accidental spills and prevents children or pets from accessing the chemicals, enhancing pool safety.

Cute Turtle Design and Premium Quality
The cute turtle design of this chlorine dispenser adds a touch of personality to your pool. It is perfect for both above-ground and inground chlorine pools. The dispenser is made from strong and durable ABS plastic, ensuring longevity. The color of the dispenser will not fade over time, maintaining its vibrant appearance. Additionally, the dispenser features thicker, UV-resistant walls that withstand wear and tear, making it capable of withstanding harsh pool conditions.

Easy to Use and Fill with Chlorine Tablets
Using this chlorine tablet dispenser is a breeze. Simply rotate the dispenser to open it and fill it with chlorine tablets. The dispenser securely holds the tablets, ensuring that they do not dissolve prematurely. This ensures that the chemicals are released at the desired rate, effectively sanitizing the pool water. The dispenser’s design also allows for easy cleaning and refilling, making pool maintenance hassle-free.

After-Sale Warranty
The manufacturer of the Turtle Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser offers an after-sale warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. If your floater has any quality issues, they are committed to refunding your money promptly. This demonstrates their confidence in the product’s durability and reliability. The company also promises to provide the best shopping experience possible, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the Turtle Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser 2 in 1 kit is a standout product for pool owners. With its combination of a chlorine dispenser and thermometer, it offers convenience and efficiency in maintaining pool water quality. The unsinkable design, adjustable release, and large capacity make it a practical choice. The cute turtle design and premium quality materials contribute to its aesthetic appeal and durability. With the added assurance of an after-sale warranty, this product provides peace of mind. Overall, this chlorine dispenser is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their pool maintenance routine.

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