Tilta FF-T05 Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus


Product Specification:
– Brand: Tilta
– Model: FF-T05 Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus
– Color: Black
– Included Components: Marking Discs, Gear Rings, 19mm Rod Adaptor, 300mm Steer Whip
– Follow Focus Type: Single-sided
– Gear Ratio: 1:1
– Rod Adaptor Diameter: 19mm
– Steer Whip Length: 300mm

Tilta FF-T05 Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus (Black)
  • Marking Discs
  • Gear Rings
  • 19mm Rod Adaptor
  • 1:1 Ratio
  • 300mm Steer Whip

Editor’s Review

Tilta FF-T05 Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus (Black) Review


The Tilta FF-T05 Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus is a highly regarded piece of camera equipment that has gained popularity amongst professional filmmakers and cinematographers. With its sleek design and impressive functionality, this follow focus is designed to enhance the precision and control of focusing during film production. In this review, we will dive deep into the features and performance of the Tilta FF-T05 Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus, exploring its marking discs, gear rings, 19mm rod adaptor, 1:1 ratio, and 300mm steer whip.

Design and Build Quality

The Tilta FF-T05 follows a minimalist design approach, sporting a sleek black finish that exudes elegance and professionalism. The single-sided design of the follow focus ensures easy and intuitive operation, allowing filmmakers to make smooth and precise adjustments without any complicated mechanisms. The build quality of the Tilta FF-T05 is exceptional, with high-quality materials that provide a robust and durable feel, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

Marking Discs

One of the standout features of the Tilta FF-T05 is its marking discs. This follow focus comes with two interchangeable marking discs, each with different configurations of focus marks. The discs can be easily swapped, allowing filmmakers to adapt to various shooting scenarios or personal preferences. The laser-etched focus marks are clear and easy to read, providing precise reference points for accurate focusing.

  • Interchangeable marking discs for versatile shooting scenarios
  • Clear and easy-to-read laser-etched focus marks
  • Allows for precise reference points for accurate focusing

Gear Rings

The Tilta FF-T05 includes a set of high-quality gear rings that enhance compatibility with different lenses. These gear rings are constructed with excellent attention to detail and fit snugly around the focus rings of various lenses. The gear rings eliminate any slippage or loose connections, enabling smooth and accurate adjustments. With these gear rings, the Tilta FF-T05 ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of lenses, making it a versatile tool for filmmakers.

  • High-quality gear rings for enhanced lens compatibility
  • Snug fit around the focus rings of various lenses
  • Eliminates slippage for smooth and accurate adjustments
  • Ensures versatility and adaptability for filmmakers

19mm Rod Adaptor

The inclusion of a 19mm rod adaptor adds to the versatility of the Tilta FF-T05. This adaptor allows the follow focus to be easily mounted onto rigs or camera setups that utilize 19mm rods. The secure and sturdy attachment provides stability during operation, ensuring the follow focus remains in place even during fast-paced shooting situations. The 19mm rod adaptor makes the Tilta FF-T05 compatible with a broader range of professional camera rigs, enhancing its usability for filmmakers.

  • 19mm rod adaptor for easy mounting on compatible setups
  • Secure attachment for stability during operation
  • Compatible with a broad range of professional camera rigs

1:1 Ratio

The Tilta FF-T05 boasts a 1:1 ratio, which means that for every rotation of the follow focus wheel, there is a corresponding and precise movement of the lens focus ring. This 1:1 ratio ensures that filmmakers have complete control over the focus adjustments, allowing for the fine-tuning required in professional productions. The smooth and precise gearing system of the Tilta FF-T05 guarantees accurate and repeatable focus pulls, giving filmmakers the confidence to capture their vision effectively.

  • 1:1 ratio for precise and complete control over focus adjustments
  • Enables fine-tuning necessary for professional productions
  • Smooth and precise gearing system for accurate and repeatable focus pulls

300mm Steer Whip

Included with the Tilta FF-T05 is a 300mm steer whip, providing extended reach and flexibility when operating the follow focus. The steer whip attaches easily to the follow focus and allows filmmakers to make focus adjustments from a distance. This feature is particularly useful in situations where the camera is mounted on a stabilizer or a jib, as it enables the focus puller to make precise adjustments without interfering with the camera’s movement. The 300mm steer whip adds convenience and versatility to the Tilta FF-T05, making it an excellent tool for capturing dynamic shots.

  • 300mm steer whip for extended reach and flexibility
  • Allows for focus adjustments from a distance
  • Useful for cameras mounted on stabilizers or jibs
  • Enhances convenience and versatility for capturing dynamic shots


The Tilta FF-T05 Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus is a top-notch piece of filmmaking equipment that delivers on both design and functionality. With its interchangeable marking discs, high-quality gear rings, 19mm rod adaptor, 1:1 ratio, and 300mm steer whip, this follow focus offers filmmakers the precision, control, and versatility required for professional productions. Its sleek design and exceptional build quality ensure durability and reliability, while the various features and accessories cater to a wide range of shooting scenarios. If you’re a filmmaker looking to elevate your focus control, the Tilta FF-T05 Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus is undoubtedly worth considering.

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