TASVAC Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner


Product Specification:

– Cordless robotic pool cleaner designed for above ground and inground pools that are flat (not for sloped pools).
– Equipped with strong motors and two suction inlets for powerful performance in capturing and filtering dirt, leaves, and debris.
– Hassle-free operation without the need for pumps, simply turn on and submerge in the pool to start the cleaning process.
– 5200mAh rechargeable battery with 90 minutes of runtime, suitable for cleaning pools up to 1100 Sq.ft.
– Self-parking function for easy retrieval of the pool cleaner when in low battery or after cleaning is finished.
– One press activation and built-in preprogrammed zigzag path for efficient and thorough cleaning.
– Lightweight at 6.6 pounds for easy carrying and retrieval.
– Moves at a speed rate of 36 feet per minute, suitable for small swimming pools up to 33 feet.
– Indicator light must be submerged underwater for proper functioning.

Editor’s Review


The TASVAC Pool Robot is a high-quality cordless robotic pool cleaner that delivers surprising performance. It is designed to fit only flat pools, both above ground and inground pools. With its powerful suction, cordless operation, long runtime, and self-parking function, this pool robot offers a hassle-free and efficient pool cleaning experience.

Powerful Performance

Equipped with strong motors, the TASVAC pool cleaner robot provides much more powerful suction compared to other pool cleaners. It features two suction inlets and a long independent brush, which are designed to efficiently capture and filter more dirt, leaves, and debris with ease. This makes it the perfect pool robot vacuum for above ground pools and flat inground pools. Important note: It is not suitable for sloped pools.

Cordless Pool Cleaner

Unlike suction and pressure pool cleaners, the TASVAC robotic pool cleaner is cordless and hassle-free. It doesn’t require any pumps or additional equipment. Simply turn on the automatic pool cleaner robot and submerge it in your pool, and the cleaning process automatically begins. This eliminates the need for messy hoses or tangled cords, saving your energy and improving pool cleaning efficiency.

5200mAh Battery & 90mins Long Runtime

The cordless automatic pool cleaner is powered by a 5200mAh 6-cell rechargeable battery. It takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge, and once fully charged, it has a runtime of up to 90 minutes. This allows it to clean flat inground pools and above ground pools up to 1100 Sq.ft on a single charge. The long runtime ensures that your pool cleaning is completed without interruptions.

Self-Parking Function

The TASVAC pool cleaner robot features a convenient self-parking function. When the robot is in low battery status or when the cleaning task is finished, it will automatically park alongside the edge of your inground pool. This makes it easy to retrieve the robotic pool cleaner without getting wet. Simply grab and pull the floating bracelet to bring it out of the pool.

One Press to Activate

Using the TASVAC pool cleaner is incredibly simple and convenient. Just press the switch to activate the automatic pool cleaner and submerge it into your inground pool. The pool robot will automatically start working. It is equipped with a built-in preprogrammed zigzag path, which ensures that it covers the largest area for cleaning. This reduces missed scanning and increases cleaning efficiency by 20%.

Lightweight to Carry and Retrieve

Weighing only 6.6 pounds, the TASVAC cordless pool vacuum is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. You can effortlessly transport it to your inground pool or above ground pool without straining yourself. Additionally, retrieving the pool robot after cleaning is a breeze. With this labor-saving pool robot vacuum, you will save time and effort on your pool cleaning tasks. It is perfect for all families to use.

High Efficiency

The TASVAC pool cleaner robot is designed for high efficiency. It moves at a speed rate of 36 feet per minute, allowing it to clean small swimming pools, both above or in-ground, that are less than 33 feet in size. However, it is worth noting that for the robot to work properly, the indicator light must be submerged underwater. Otherwise, it will stop working after 10 minutes. This eco-friendly robotic pool cleaner is built for highly efficient underwater working and requires low maintenance.


The TASVAC Pool Robot is a standout cordless robotic pool cleaner that offers powerful performance, easy operation, and efficient cleaning. Its strong suction, dual suction inlets, and independent brush ensure that it captures and filters dirt, leaves, and debris effectively. With its cordless operation, it eliminates the need for hoses and cords, making pool cleaning hassle-free. The 5200mAh battery provides a long runtime of 90 minutes, and the self-parking function allows for easy retrieval. The lightweight design makes it convenient to carry and retrieve, while the high efficiency ensures optimal pool cleaning. Overall, the TASVAC Pool Robot is a reliable and effective choice for keeping your above ground or inground pool pristine.

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