Tarp Tarpaulin UV Waterproof Heavy Duty Canopy Pool Industrial Transport Cover


Product Specification:
– Material: Polyethylene (PE)
– Dimensions: 32.4ft*65ft
– Usage: Tarp Tarpaulin
– Application: UV Waterproof Heavy Duty Canopy Pool Industrial Transport Cover
– Material Properties: High and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance
– Weather Resistance: Able to withstand all kinds of bad weather
– Weaving: High-density weaving for tear resistance and durability
– Coating: Double-coated, waterproof on both sides
– Sewing Technique: High-temperature heat-sealing hem, heat-sealing stitching
– Leak-proof: No leakage
– Durability: No deformation, no cracking
– Edging Design: Three-dimensional edging for extra thickness, beauty, and durability
– Stability: Stable in use

Tarp Tarpaulin UV Waterproof Heavy Duty Canopy Pool Industrial Transport Cover C 32.4ft*65ft
  • Polyethylene PE material, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. Able to withstand all kinds of bad weather
  • High-density weaving, tear resistance, strong and durable.
  • Double coated, waterproof on both sides.
  • High-temperature heat-sealing hem, heat-sealing stitching. No leakage, no deformation, no cracking.
  • Three-dimensional edging thick design, beautiful and durable, stable.

Editor’s Review


The Tarp Tarpaulin UV Waterproof Heavy Duty Canopy Pool Industrial Transport Cover C is a top-quality product designed to withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions. Made from high-quality Polyethylene PE material, this tarpaulin offers exceptional durability, tear resistance, and weatherproofing. In this comprehensive review, we will delve deeper into its features, benefits, and performance to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Material and Durability

The Tarp Tarpaulin is constructed from Polyethylene PE material, known for its exceptional strength and durability. The high-density weaving technique employed in its manufacturing ensures tear resistance, making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty applications. Whether you need a cover for your pool, industrial equipment, or transport goods, this tarpaulin will live up to your expectations.

Weather Resistance

One of the standout features of this product is its ability to withstand all forms of bad weather. The Polyethylene PE material used in its construction offers high and low-temperature resistance, ensuring it remains intact and functional even in extreme weather conditions. Its anti-aging and corrosion resistance properties make it a reliable solution, providing long-lasting protection for your valuable belongings.

Waterproof and Leakage-Free

The Tarp Tarpaulin is double coated, providing waterproofing on both sides. This means that not only will it keep your belongings dry during heavy rain or snow, but it will also prevent any leakage from occurring. The high-temperature heat-sealing hem and stitching further enhance its waterproof capabilities, ensuring no water seeps through the seams. You can trust this tarpaulin to keep your belongings safe and dry no matter how harsh the weather conditions may be.

Design and Aesthetics

With its three-dimensional edging thick design, the Tarp Tarpaulin not only performs exceptionally but also looks aesthetically pleasing. The edging adds an extra layer of durability and stability, ensuring the tarp remains in place even during strong winds or heavy usage. The overall design is beautiful and durable, making it an ideal choice for both industrial and residential applications.

Size and Versatility

The Tarp Tarpaulin is available in a generous size of 32.4ft*65ft, providing ample coverage for various applications. Whether you need to cover a large pool, protect industrial machinery, or transport goods, this tarpaulin will easily accommodate your needs. Its versatility makes it a valuable investment for homeowners, businesses, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Installation and Ease of Use

Installing the Tarp Tarpaulin is hassle-free and straightforward. It comes with reinforced grommets evenly spaced along the edges, allowing for easy attachment and securement. The grommets are made from durable materials, ensuring they do not rust or corrode over time. Whether you prefer using ropes, bungee cords, or zip ties, securing this tarpaulin to your desired location is quick and effortless.

Usage Scenarios

The exceptional durability and weatherproofing capabilities of the Tarp Tarpaulin make it suitable for a wide range of usage scenarios. Here are some examples of where this heavy-duty tarpaulin will excel:

  • Pool Cover: Protect your pool from debris, UV rays, and adverse weather conditions using this high-quality tarpaulin. Its large size ensures complete coverage, keeping your pool clean and safe when not in use.
  • Industrial Equipment Cover: Shield your valuable industrial equipment, machinery, and materials from external elements such as dust, rain, and sunlight. The tear-resistant material and waterproof design provide optimal protection for your assets.
  • Transport Cover: Whether you are transporting goods in a truck, trailer, or any other vehicle, this tarpaulin will securely cover and protect your cargo. Its ability to withstand high and low temperatures ensures your belongings remain intact during the journey.
  • Outdoor Shelter: Need a reliable and weatherproof shelter for your outdoor events, camping trips, or construction sites? The Tarp Tarpaulin is an excellent choice. Its heavy-duty construction and waterproofing make it perfect for creating temporary structures and protecting people and equipment from the elements.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptionally durable and tear-resistant
  • High and low-temperature resistance
  • Waterproof on both sides, no leakage
  • Anti-aging and corrosion-resistant
  • Easy installation with reinforced grommets
  • Aesthetically pleasing three-dimensional edging design
  • Versatile size for various applications


  • Large size may not be suitable for small-scale applications
  • Can be relatively heavy and cumbersome


In conclusion, the Tarp Tarpaulin UV Waterproof Heavy Duty Canopy Pool Industrial Transport Cover C is an exceptional product that delivers on its promises. Its high-quality Polyethylene PE material, tear resistance, and weatherproofing capabilities make it perfect for countless applications. Whether you need to protect your pool, industrial equipment, or transport goods, this tarpaulin will provide reliable and durable coverage. With its ease of installation and excellent design, it is a wise investment for homeowners, businesses, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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