SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit


Product Specification:

– Brand: SXNBH
– Model: L4500
– Type: LED Video Light Kit
– Dimmable: Yes
– Color Temperature: Adjustable, 3200K – 5600K
– Power: 15W
– CRI (Color Rendering Index): 95
– Design: Metal Panel
– Mounting Options: Camera and Tripod
– Compatibility: Digital Cameras and Camera Cold Shoe Port
– Usage: Perfect for Wedding, Portrait, Children, and News Photography
– Battery Runtime: Approximately 50 minutes on a full charge

SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit Dimmable 3200K-5600K 15W CRI 95 Studio Photo Lamps Metal Panel with Tripod for Shoot
  • Led Video Panel Light is a dimmable LED light with 3200K/5600K adjustable color temperature by filterss.
  • The light panel can be easily mounted to camera and tripod.
  • Mini ball head adaptor of the design,easy to install digital cameras and camera cold shoe port, simple to use.
  • Perfectly suitable for wedding, portrait, children and news photography etc.
  • One full charged battery runtime is about 50 minutes.

Editor’s Review


The SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit is a versatile and powerful lighting solution for photography and videography enthusiasts. With its dimmable 3200K-5600K adjustable color temperature, it offers flexibility in creating the perfect ambiance for any shoot. Designed with convenience in mind, this light panel can be easily mounted to a camera or tripod, making it an essential tool for professionals and amateurs alike. In this comprehensive review, we will dive into the various features and performance of the SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit.


The SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit is constructed with a high-quality metal panel, ensuring durability and longevity. Its sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry around and incorporate into any setup. The inclusion of a mini ball head adaptor enhances its usability, allowing for seamless installation on digital cameras and camera cold shoe ports. This user-friendly design enables photographers and videographers to effortlessly set up their equipment and focus on capturing stunning visuals.

Adjustable Color Temperature

One of the standout features of the SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit is its adjustable color temperature range of 3200K-5600K. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, the ability to customize the lighting temperature to match the environment is invaluable. The included filters allow for further fine-tuning of the color temperature, providing even greater control over the lighting conditions. This feature is particularly useful for achieving the desired mood and atmosphere in various types of photography, such as wedding, portrait, and news photography.

Power and Runtime

The SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit is equipped with a 15W LED light panel, ensuring ample brightness for your shoots. The efficient LED technology enables excellent energy conservation without compromising on output. A fully charged battery offers a runtime of approximately 50 minutes, which should be sufficient for most shooting sessions. However, it is advisable to have spare batteries on hand for extended shoots or when shooting in locations where charging options are limited.

Dimming Feature

The dimming feature of the SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit is yet another advantage. With the ability to adjust the brightness of the light panel, you can easily create the ideal lighting conditions for your subject. This feature is especially handy when shooting in low-light scenarios or when you need to add a touch of creativity to your visuals. The smooth dimming function ensures seamless transitions in lighting intensity, allowing you to achieve professional-grade results.

Mounting Options

The SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit offers versatile mounting options, making it highly adaptable to different shooting setups. It can be easily attached to a camera or tripod using the provided mounting accessories. This flexibility allows for greater flexibility and creativity in positioning the light source. Whether you prefer a direct frontal illumination or a more indirect lighting setup, the SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit can accommodate your needs with ease.

  • Easily mountable to a camera
  • Compatible with tripods
  • Allows for various lighting setups

Light Quality

The SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit is designed to deliver high-quality lighting for professional results. With a CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating of 95, it provides accurate color representation, ensuring that your subject appears true to life. This feature is particularly important for photographers and videographers who strive for precision and authenticity in their work. The SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit excels in this regard, making it a reliable tool for capturing stunning visuals.

Portability and Convenience

Weighing only a few pounds, the SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit is highly portable, allowing for easy transportation between locations. Its compact design and sturdy construction make it suitable for on-the-go shoots, whether you’re covering events or exploring outdoor environments. The inclusion of a tripod further enhances convenience, enabling stable positioning of the light panel in various shooting scenarios. This portability and convenience factor make the SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit a preferred choice for photographers and videographers who require flexibility in their work.


In conclusion, the SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit is a reliable and capable lighting solution for photographers and videographers. Its adjustable color temperature, dimming feature, and high CRI rating ensure exceptional light quality and precise control over the lighting conditions. The versatile mounting options and user-friendly design further enhance its usability, providing ease of setup and flexibility in various shooting scenarios. With its portable and convenient nature, the SXNBH L4500 LED Video Light Kit is an excellent investment for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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