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Product Specification:
– Product Name: Intelligent Pool Cleaner
– Features: Can be controlled through an app, allowing users to clean the pool easily with their phone. Offers many cleaning options within the app.
– Compatibility: Can be used wherever the user is located and whenever they want.
– Product Type: Underwater cleaner
– Filter Type: Cartridge Filter
– Filtration: Can effectively remove fine or ultra-fine dirt and debris.
– Filter Cleaning: The filter can be easily cleaned by popping it out and rinsing it off with a garden hose.
– Cleaning Performance: Provides superior cleaning performance.
– Obstacle Avoidance: Can easily navigate over obstacles without getting stuck.
– Cable Management: Equipped with a low-torque waterproof swivel that prevents cables from tangling during operation.
– Suction Power: Offers unmatched suction power to remove debris.
– Filtration System: Has its own onboard filter basket, ensuring efficient debris collection without relying on a pool’s filter system.
– Applicable Scene: Suitable for various occasions such as large swimming pools, landscape pools, and spa pools.
– Performance: Combines strong suction and durable performance for effective cleaning.

No products found.

Editor’s Review


The INTELLIGENT POOL CLEANER is a revolutionary pool cleaning device that offers convenience and efficiency like no other. With its advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, this pool cleaner is designed to make pool maintenance a breeze. Whether you’re at home or away, you can easily clean your pool using the app on your phone. Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of this intelligent pool cleaner.

Convenient App Control

One of the standout features of the INTELLIGENT POOL CLEANER is its compatibility with a user-friendly app. With just a few taps on your phone, you can start, stop, or schedule the cleaning process. The app offers several options for cleaning your pool, allowing you to customize the cleaning cycle according to your needs. Whether you want a quick clean or a thorough deep clean, this pool cleaner has got you covered.

Efficient Cartridge Filter

When it comes to capturing dirt and debris, the INTELLIGENT POOL CLEANER does not disappoint. Its cartridge filter is specifically designed to trap even the finest particles, ensuring that your pool remains crystal clear. Cleaning the filter is a breeze – simply pop it out and rinse it off with a garden hose. No need to worry about messy and time-consuming cleaning processes, as this underwater cleaner makes maintenance hassle-free.

Superior Cleaning Performance

The INTELLIGENT POOL CLEANER is built to overcome obstacles without getting stuck. Thanks to its low-torque waterproof swivel, the device can easily maneuver around your pool, reaching every corner with ease. No more worrying about tangled cables or inefficient cleaning. This intelligent pool cleaner has been engineered for optimal performance, ensuring that your pool is left sparkling clean after each use.

Powerful Suction and Filtration System

What sets this pool cleaner apart is its onboard filter basket and powerful suction. Unlike other pool cleaners that rely on the pool’s filter system, this device has its own filtration system, guaranteeing maximum suction power. It can effectively remove debris of all sizes, from leaves and twigs to smaller particles, leaving your pool pristine. The onboard filter basket is easy to access and clean, making maintenance a breeze.

Perfect for Various Pool Settings

The INTELLIGENT POOL CLEANER is suitable for a wide range of pool environments. Whether you have a large swimming pool, a landscape pool, or a spa pool, this device can handle it all. Its strong suction power and durable performance make it versatile enough to adapt to different pool types. No matter the size or shape of your pool, this intelligent pool cleaner will deliver exceptional results every time.


In conclusion, the INTELLIGENT POOL CLEANER is a game-changer when it comes to pool maintenance. With its convenient app control, efficient cartridge filter, superior cleaning performance, powerful suction, and adaptability to various pool settings, this pool cleaner ticks all the boxes. Say goodbye to manual pool cleaning and welcome the future of hassle-free pool maintenance. Invest in the INTELLIGENT POOL CLEANER today and enjoy a sparkling clean pool whenever you want, wherever you are.

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