SWANPOW 123A Rechargeable Batteries 8 Packs

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Product Specification:
– Product Name: SWANPOW 123A Rechargeable Batteries 8 Packs
– Battery Type: CR123A Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
– Voltage: 3.7V
– Compatibility: Arlo Batteries with Charger VMC3030 VMK3200 VMS3330 3430 3530 Cameras, Alarm System, Flashlight, CR123A LED flashlights, and other electronic devices
– Charging Time: Approximately 2 hours to fully charge 4 batteries
– Recharge Cycles: Can be recharged up to 600 times
– Capacity: 800mAh High Capacity
– Protection Mechanism: Integrated fault and heat protection mechanism
– Charger Indicator: LED indicator light (Red when charging, green when fully charged)
– Intelligent Chip: Built-in intelligent chip for Over-Charging/Over-Heated/Over-Current/Over-Voltage/Short-Circuit/Over-Discharger Protection
– Certifications: UL / CE / FCC / RoHS
– Material: Fire-resistant material
– Warranty: One-year warranty
– Customer Support: 24H x 7 email support

No products found.

Editor’s Review


The SWANPOW 123A Rechargeable Batteries 8 Packs is a versatile and reliable power solution for various electronic devices. These batteries are specifically designed for Arlo HD Security Cameras, providing a long-lasting and high-performance power source. With a convenient charger included in the package, users can easily recharge these batteries up to 600 times, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

High Capacity and Performance

These rechargeable CR123A batteries boast a 3.7V NiMH 800mAh high capacity, ensuring the best run time possible for Arlo cameras. Whether you need to power your cameras, alarm systems, flashlights, or CR123A LED flashlights, these batteries deliver consistent and reliable performance. The integrated fault and heat protection mechanism provides an added layer of safety, ensuring the longevity of both the batteries and the devices they power.

Convenient Charging Solution

The RCR123A Battery Charger included in this package allows you to charge up to 4 batteries at a time, making the charging process efficient and time-saving. With an approximate charging time of 2 hours, you can quickly have fully charged batteries ready for use. The charger features an LED indicator light that turns red while charging and green once the batteries are fully charged. This intuitive design ensures you are always aware of the charging status of your batteries.

Smart and Safe Charging

The Cr123a 3v lithium battery charger is equipped with an intelligent chip that provides multiple layers of protection. This includes protection against over-charging, over-heating, over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, and over-discharging. These safety features not only protect your batteries but also prevent any potential damage to your devices. The charger has successfully passed rigorous testing by UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS, ensuring its reliability and compliance with international safety standards.

Fire-Resistant Material and Quality Assurance

The construction of the charger is made from fire-resistant materials, providing an added level of safety and peace of mind. Strict production procedures are followed to guarantee the quality and safety of the product. SWANPOW stands behind the product’s performance and durability, offering a one-year warranty for all orders. If you are not satisfied with the CR123A 3v lithium batteries, their dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 via email to address any concerns or issues.

The Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries offer numerous benefits compared to traditional disposable batteries. Firstly, they are more environmentally friendly as they can be recharged and reused multiple times, reducing waste and landfill impact. These batteries also provide a cost-effective solution in the long run, as the initial investment in rechargeable batteries and a charger is often offset by the savings from not having to buy disposable batteries repeatedly.

The Arlo Advantage

The SWANPOW 123A Rechargeable Batteries are specifically designed for Arlo HD Security Cameras, making them an ideal power source for these devices. Arlo cameras are known for their high-quality video capture and advanced features, and having a reliable power source is crucial to maximize their performance. The high-capacity and long-lasting charge provided by these batteries ensure uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.


The SWANPOW 123A Rechargeable Batteries 8 Packs offer a versatile and reliable power solution for various electronic devices, with a focus on Arlo HD Security Cameras. The high capacity and performance, convenient charging solution, and smart charging features make these batteries an excellent choice for users seeking a long-lasting and cost-effective power solution. The added safety features, including the integration of fault and heat protection, guarantee the longevity and performance of both the batteries and the devices they power. With a one-year warranty and dedicated customer support, SWANPOW ensures customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Make the switch to rechargeable batteries and enjoy the benefits of sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and reliable power for your electronic devices.

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