Swimming Pool Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Specifications Product Specification: – Intelligent Control and Hands-Free operation. – Automatic sewage suction machine. – Convenient and quick operation. – Compatible with swimming pools. – Easy to move with a matching cart. – Wall-climbing capability for all-round cleaning. – High power and adaptability. – Ability to climb over obstacles at the bottom of the pool. … Read more

Zodiac Baracuda Wahoo Automatic Pool Cleaner

Specifications Product Specification: Baracuda Wahoo Automatic Pool Cleaner 1. Type: Suction pool cleaner 2. Compatible Pool Type: Above ground pools 3. Connection: Connects directly to skimmers 4. Hose Length: 30 feet (approximately 9 meters) 5. Cleaning Method: Suction-based cleaning mechanism 6. Pool Coverage: Suitable for all areas of the pool 7. Additional Features: – Efficient … Read more

Hayward W3DV5000 Disc Suction Pool Cleaner

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: Hayward DV500 – Cleaning Method: Automatic propulsion – Cleaning Coverage: Picks up dirt, debris, twigs, and pebbles in a single pass – Noise Level: Quiet operation for a peaceful pool environment – Energy Efficiency: Connects directly to the pool’s existing filtration system, no additional energy-consuming booster pump required – Brand: … Read more