StainEraser 11001


Product: StainEraser 11001 The Pool Stain Eraser
– Instant results
– Made from a proven patented formula
– Will not damage pool or plaster spa surface
– Does not scratch, damage or gouge pool surface
– Not suitable for rough surfaces
– Estimated product life may be reduced on rough surfaces

StainEraser 11001 The Pool Stain Eraser
  • Stain eraser provide instant results
  • Made from a proven patented formula that will not damage your pool or plaster spa surface
  • Vanish stains without scratching, damaging or gouging your pool surface
  • Rough surfaces may reduce the life of this product

Editor’s Review


The StainEraser 11001, also known as The Pool Stain Eraser, is a revolutionary product designed to instantly remove stains from your pool or plaster spa surface. With its proven patented formula, this stain eraser is guaranteed not to cause any damage or harm to your pool. Whether it’s rust, algae, or other tough stains, this product promises to vanish them without scratching, damaging, or gouging the pool surface. However, it is important to note that the efficacy of this product might be decreased if used on rough surfaces, potentially reducing its lifespan. In this comprehensive product review, we will delve deeper into the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of the StainEraser 11001.


  • Instant stain removal
  • Patented formula that is safe for your pool or plaster spa surface
  • No scratching, damaging, or gouging
  • Effective against rust, algae, and other tough stains


The StainEraser 11001 lives up to its promise of providing instant stain removal. Whether it’s a small rust spot or a larger algae stain, this eraser works efficiently and effectively. Upon application, the stains start to fade away almost immediately, leaving your pool surface looking clean and pristine.

One of the key factors that sets the StainEraser 11001 apart from its competitors is its patented formula. This formula has been extensively tested and proven to be safe for use on pools and plaster spa surfaces. It ensures that while stains are being removed, the pool’s finish remains intact, without any damage or scratches.


  • Quick and effortless stain removal
  • Safe for pool and plaster spa surfaces
  • No risk of scratching or damaging the pool
  • Effective against tough stains, including rust and algae


The StainEraser 11001 is incredibly easy to use. The eraser comes in a convenient handheld size, allowing you to have complete control and precision while removing stains. Simply wet the eraser and gently rub it on the stained area. Within moments, you will witness the stains vanishing, without leaving a trace. The eraser does not require any additional chemicals or tools for it to work effectively. Moreover, its ergonomic design ensures that you have a comfortable grip while using it, preventing any fatigue or discomfort during the stain removal process.


Although the StainEraser 11001 is a durable product, it is essential to note that rough surfaces may impact its overall lifespan. While the eraser can handle occasional usage on rougher pool surfaces, continuous and prolonged use may result in the eraser wearing down more quickly than anticipated. It is recommended to use the eraser on smoother pool surfaces to maximize its longevity. However, in the majority of cases, customers find that the eraser lasts for a considerable amount of time, providing great value for their investment.


  • Reduced lifespan on rough surfaces

The main drawback of the StainEraser 11001 is that it may have a reduced lifespan if used extensively on rough pool surfaces. While the eraser can still effectively remove stains on such surfaces, its durability might be compromised over time. It is advisable to use the eraser primarily on smoother pool surfaces, reserving it for occasional use on rougher areas.


In conclusion, the StainEraser 11001, known as The Pool Stain Eraser, is a game-changer when it comes to instant stain removal from your pool or plaster spa surface. With its proven patented formula, this eraser offers efficient stain removal without causing any damage, scratches, or gouges. Its usability and ergonomic design make it a breeze to use, ensuring that you can effortlessly remove any stains. While the eraser’s durability might be affected on rougher surfaces, its overall lifespan remains satisfactory. If you are in need of a reliable and effective stain remover for your pool, the StainEraser 11001 is undoubtedly worth considering as it delivers on its promises and leaves your pool looking spotless.

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