Spreading Wood Fern

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Product Specification:
– Name: Spreading Wood Fern, Thelypteris kunthii
– Type: Bare Root
– Quantity: 250 plants
– Planting depth: 1-2 inches, with buds at or just below soil surface
– Hardy Planting Zones: 3-8
– Preferred Sunlight: Partial to Full Shade
– Mature Height: 2-5 feet
– Natural habitat: Rocky places, around rotting stumps and trees
– Soil preference: Moist soils
– Suitable locations: Mountanous areas in the south, expanding to more areas in the north
– Ideal uses: Rock gardens, shady spots where other plants struggle to grow
– Characteristics: Recognizable and tough evergreen plant, desirable for ornamental use in borders, rock beds, and landscapes

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Editor’s Review

Product Review: Spreading Wood Fern, Thelypteris kunthii Bare Root (250 Plants)

The Spreading Wood Fern, Thelypteris kunthii, is a stunning plant that adds a touch of natural beauty to any garden or landscape. With its unique characteristics and adaptability, this fern is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides numerous benefits for gardeners. In this in-depth product review, we will explore the various features of the Spreading Wood Fern, including planting instructions, hardiness, habitat, and its ornamental value.

Planting Instructions

When it comes to planting the Spreading Wood Fern, it is important to follow the correct planting depth and technique in order to ensure optimal growth and development. The rhizomes of the fern should be planted horizontally, approximately one to two inches deep, with the buds at or just below the soil surface. Additionally, the attached feeder roots should be planted downwards into the soil. By following these guidelines, gardeners can provide the necessary environment for the fern’s successful establishment.

  • Plant rhizomes horizontally, one to two inches deep
  • Buds should be at or just below the soil surface
  • Plant attached feeder roots downwards into the soil


The Spreading Wood Fern is highly adaptable and can thrive in a variety of climates. It is classified as a hardy plant, suitable for planting in zones 3-8. Whether you reside in a cold or warm climate, this fern can withstand the challenging weather conditions and continue to flourish. Its range of hardiness makes it an excellent choice for gardeners across different geographical regions.


Naturally found in rocky places and in and around rotting stumps and trees, the Spreading Wood Fern has a unique habitat preference. Its love for moist soils is evident, and it is primarily located in the mountains of southern areas, while gradually expanding to more regions in the north. This fern’s adaptability to different environments makes it an ideal choice for various gardening scenarios. Whether you have a rock garden or a shady spot where nothing else seems to grow, the Spreading Wood Fern can thrive and add a touch of natural beauty.

Ornamental Value

One of the most recognizable ferns, the Spreading Wood Fern stands out due to the toughness of its leaves and is considered a highly desirable evergreen plant for ornamental purposes. Its ability to retain its green foliage throughout the year adds a vibrant touch to borders, rock beds, and landscapes. With its mature height ranging from 2-5 feet, this fern creates a visually appealing backdrop to any garden or landscape design.

  • Toughness of leaves makes it highly recognizable
  • Desirable evergreen plant for ornamental purposes
  • Retains green foliage throughout the year
  • Creates a visually appealing backdrop with its mature height of 2-5 feet

In conclusion, the Spreading Wood Fern, Thelypteris kunthii Bare Root (250 Plants), is a remarkable addition to any garden or landscape. As seen in this product review, its planting depth, hardiness, habitat preferences, and ornamental value make it an ideal choice for both beginner and experienced gardeners. Its adaptability to different environments and stunning aesthetic qualities make it a true gem in the world of ferns. Whether you want to enhance your rock garden or add greenery to a shady area, the Spreading Wood Fern will surely exceed your expectations.

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