Soil PH Tester

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: NC 3 in 1 Soil PH Tester Water Moisture Light Test Meter Kit – Quantity: 1pc – Function: Test soil conditions including moisture, light, and pH levels – Suitable for: Fruits, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and all types of plants – Ideal for: Gardeners, vegetable and fruit growers, tree and … Read more

Soil Salinity Sensor

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Naroote Soil Salinity Sensor ABS Soil EC Sensor – Measurement: Total soil salt content (conductivity) – Accuracy: Accurate measurement – Soil Compatibility: Suitable for a variety of soil environment and quality – Power Consumption: Low power consumption – Precision: High precision – Response Time: Quick response – Output Stability: … Read more

Moisture Controller Module

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: XH‚ÄëM214 – Function: Automatic Watering System Module – Power Supply: 12V – Automatic Watering: Starts the pump to water when the humidity is lower than the set value and stops watering when the humidity reaches the set value. – Soil Moisture Control: Digital display of soil moisture with a probe … Read more

Home Water Gauge

Specifications and reverse counting. Suitable for residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories, and other places HOME WATER GAUGE: This water gauge is designed for home use and provides a convenient way to measure water consumptionACCURATE READING: The gauge ensures accurate reading with its high measurement accuracyEASY INSTALLATION: It is easy to install and can be attached … Read more

Gardena Extension Cable for Soil Moisture Sensor

Specifications Product Specification: Gardena 01868-20 Extension Cable for Soil Moisture Sensor (Art 1867) – Standard Innovative click system – Length: 10 meters – Extension of up to 105 meters possible – Reliable and secure connection between sensor and irrigation controller – Can be installed above ground or underground – Compatible with Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor … Read more

LANTRO JS Soil Moisture Sensor

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: LANTRO JS Soil Moisture Sensor – Working Voltage: 3.3 ~ 5.5V DC – Output Voltage: 0 ~ 3.0V DC – Interface: PH2.54-3P – Size: 10×2.3cm/3.9×0.9in – Measurement Method: Capacitive Sensing – Advantage: Measures soil moisture levels accurately – Application: Widely used in garden plants, moisture detection, intelligent agriculture – … Read more

Takagi Soil Acidity Meter

Specifications Product specification: – Product name: Takagi Simple Soil Acidity Meter with Moisture Measurement Function – Function: Measures soil acidity and moisture in fields – Type: 2-way (can measure moisture) – Functions: Convenient for managing vegetables – Measurement Method: Measures by inserting the measuring rod directly into the soil – Soil Acidity Measurement Range: pH … Read more

Soil PH Accessory

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Type: Illumination Meter, Soil Acidity Meter, Soil pH Accessory multi-functional for fruits and flowers. – Function: Detects whether the plant has sufficient light and assists in healthy growth. – Water and Energy Saving: Helps maintain the good condition of plants, lawns, and flowers. – Lightweight: Designed to be easy to … Read more

GMSP Electrode Soil pH Meter-Moisture Tester

Specifications Product Specification: – Model Number: GMSP 295mm Long Electrode Soil pH Meter-Moisture Tester Metal Probe for Plants Crops – Measurement Capability: – pH values: 3 to 8 (indicating acidity and alkalinity) – Moisture level: 1 to 8 (indicating dry or wetness of soil) – Includes a handy plant care listing preferences for growing vegetables, … Read more