Smartbuy 2X 25GB Blue Blu-ray BD-RE Rewritable Branded Logo Bluray Disc


Product Specification:
– Brand: Smartbuy
– Type: BD-RE
– Speed: 2X
– Capacity: 25GB
– Quantity: 20 discs (2 packs of 10 discs each)

20 Pack Smartbuy 2X 25GB Blue Blu-ray BD-RE Rewritable Branded Logo Blank Bluray Disc
  • Brand: Smartbuy
  • Type: BD-RE
  • Speed: 2X
  • Capacity: 25GB
  • Quantity: 2 x 10 Pcs

Editor’s Review


The Smartbuy 2X 25GB Blue Blu-ray BD-RE Rewritable Branded Logo Blank Blu-ray Discs are a fantastic option for anyone needing reliable and high-quality rewritable Blu-ray discs. With a brand reputation for excellence and a capacity of 25GB, these discs are perfect for backing up large files, creating custom video collections, or storing important data. This 20-pack offers great value for money, with two packs of 10 discs each.

Design and Features

The Smartbuy BD-RE discs come with a sleek blue design and a branded logo, making them visually appealing and easily recognizable. The logo is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also be useful for organizing different types of data or content.

These discs have a 2X speed, ensuring quick and efficient burning and rewriting processes. Whether you’re burning a movie, saving important documents, or creating a backup of your digital files, the 2X speed guarantees a smooth experience without any lag or delays.

With a capacity of 25GB per disc, Smartbuy BD-RE discs provide ample storage space for large files. You won’t have to worry about running out of storage or sacrificing quality due to space constraints. This makes them ideal for archiving high-definition videos, high-resolution photos, or extensive data libraries.

Performance and Reliability

The performance of these Smartbuy BD-RE discs is outstanding. The 2X speed ensures that burning and rewriting processes are completed swiftly without any hiccups. You can trust the discs to handle your data securely and effectively.

Moreover, these discs are highly reliable. The Smartbuy brand is known for its commitment to quality, and these BD-RE discs are no exception. They are built to last and maintain their data integrity over time. With proper handling and storage, you can trust that your data will remain safe and accessible whenever you need it.


One of the significant advantages of Blu-ray discs is their versatility, and these Smartbuy BD-RE discs are no different. They are compatible with most Blu-ray burners and players, ensuring broad compatibility across various devices. Whether you’re using a standalone Blu-ray player, a computer with a Blu-ray drive, or a gaming console, these discs can be easily used and accessed.

Furthermore, the rewritable nature of these discs allows you to reuse them multiple times without losing any quality or performance. Their rewritability gives you the flexibility to update or replace content as needed, making them perfect for situations where data needs change or evolve over time.

Value for Money

The 20-pack of Smartbuy BD-RE discs offers excellent value for money. With two packs of 10 discs each, you get ample storage space and the convenience of having multiple discs on hand for different purposes or projects.

Compared to other brands in the market, these discs provide exceptional quality and performance at a competitive price. The longevity and reliability of the Smartbuy brand ensure that your investment in these discs will be well worth it in the long run.


While the Smartbuy BD-RE discs have many positive attributes, it is essential to consider any potential drawbacks. One potential drawback is that these discs are single-layer Blu-ray discs with a capacity of 25GB. If you require larger capacity storage, such as for ultra-high-definition videos or extensive data backups, you may need to look into dual-layer discs with higher capacities. However, for most everyday storage needs, the 25GB capacity should be sufficient.


The 20-pack Smartbuy 2X 25GB Blue Blu-ray BD-RE Rewritable Branded Logo Blank Blu-ray Discs offer exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility at an affordable price point. With a 2X speed and 25GB capacity, these discs are perfect for various applications, including backing up important data, storing large files, or creating customized media collections.

The branded logo and attractive blue design make these discs visually appealing and easy to identify, while the rewritable feature allows for flexibility and reuse. The Smartbuy brand’s reputation for quality and the competitive pricing of this 20-pack make it a great choice for anyone in need of reliable and high-quality rewritable Blu-ray discs.

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