Slow-Release Tree Watering Bag

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Product specification:

– Product name: 20 Gallon Slow-Release Tree Watering Bag
– Function: Watering Bag for Trees, Drip Irrigation Bag
– Water concentration: 100%
– Water conservation: Prevents run-off, conserves water
– Capacity: Holds up to 20 gallons of water
– Trunk size compatibility: Wraps trunk sizes of 4 inches
– Expandability: Can be expanded with multiple bags
– Material: Commercial grade UV stabilized coated polyethylene
– Zipper type: Heavy duty locking zipper
– Zipper function: Keeps the bag from shifting
– Water release: Releases water over a prolonged time
– Watering method: Allows for deep saturation
– Durability: Durable and reusable
– Bag type: PVC Shrub Watering Bag

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Editor’s Review


The 20 Gallon Slow-Release Tree Watering Bag is a revolutionary product that ensures optimal irrigation for your trees and shrubs. With its durable construction, convenient size, and ability to conserve water, this watering bag is a must-have for any gardening or landscaping enthusiast.

Concentration and Water Conservation

One of the standout features of this watering bag is its 100% water concentration capability. Unlike other watering systems that may experience run-off or uneven distribution, this bag ensures that every drop of water is utilized effectively. This not only saves water but also promotes healthy and deep root growth in trees and shrubs.

Capacity and Expandability

With a generous capacity of 20 gallons, this watering bag can provide ample hydration for your plants. The bag is designed to wrap around trunk sizes of up to 4 inches, providing excellent coverage. For larger trees, the bag is expandable, meaning you can connect multiple bags together to satisfy the watering needs of your entire garden.

  • 20-gallon capacity ensures ample hydration
  • Wrap around trunk sizes of up to 4 inches
  • Expandable with the ability to connect multiple bags

Durable Construction

This watering bag is built to last with its commercial-grade UV stabilized coated polyethylene material. It is specifically designed to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions and resist damage from sunlight and other environmental factors. You can have peace of mind knowing that this product will remain in excellent condition, even after prolonged use.

Heavy-Duty Locking Zipper

The heavy-duty locking zipper is a standout feature of this watering bag. It prevents the bag from shifting or slipping, ensuring that the water is distributed evenly and efficiently. The zipper is strong and durable, guaranteeing long-term functionality without any concerns of leakage or water wastage.

Prolonged Water Release and Deep Saturation

One of the key advantages of this watering bag is its ability to release water over a prolonged period. This slow-release mechanism allows for deep saturation, ensuring that the water reaches the deepest roots of your plants. This promotes robust and healthy growth, making your trees and shrubs more resistant to drought and other stressors.

Easy to Use and Reusable

Using this watering bag is incredibly simple and user-friendly. Just fill it up with water and zip it closed. The bag can be installed within seconds without the need for any additional tools or expertise. The durable construction ensures that it can be reused multiple times without any loss of functionality or effectiveness.


In conclusion, the 20 Gallon Slow-Release Tree Watering Bag is a top-tier product that ensures optimal irrigation for your trees and shrubs. With its impressive water concentration capabilities, capacity, and expandability, it provides a reliable and efficient watering solution. The durable construction, heavy-duty zipper, extended water release, and deep saturation features further enhance its value. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a passionate gardener, this watering bag is a worthwhile investment that will promote the health and beauty of your plants for years to come.

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