BERTY·PUYI Magnifier

Specifications Product: BERTY¬∑PUYI Folding Handheld 4X Large Rectangular Magnifier – Compact and portable design – Suitable for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Reading – Model number required for purchase – Clear optical lenses without distortion – Comfortable ergonomic handle – Suitable for children, adults, the elderly, amateurs, and professionals – High transparency for various purposes – Ideal … Read more

Pana-Vue #1 Lighted 2×2 Slide Film Viewer

Specifications Product Specifications: – Model: Pana-Vue #1 Lighted 2×2 Slide Film Viewer for 35mm (6560) – Magnification: 4x – Compatibility: Designed for 35mm slide film – Power Source: Can be powered by two “C” batteries or household current with the included optional transformer – Lighting: Light bar locks for consistent illumination – Base: 2-way base … Read more