CuscomF 60PC Plant Self Watering Adjustable Stakes

Specifications Product Specification: – Name: CuscomF 60PC Plant Self Watering Adjustable Stakes – Function: Automatic Spikes Irrigation System for Self Watering – Features: Adjustable stakes, self watering spikes, self watering planters, watering globes, automatic watering system – Components: Self watering planter, garden cone watering spike, plant flower waterier bottle, irrigation plant watering system – Application: … Read more

ZABEES Plant Watering Can

Specifications Product Specifications: – Product Name: ZABEES Plant Watering Can – Quantity: 6pcs – Usage: Indoor plant watering – Type: Automatic self-watering globes – Material: Hand-blown glass – Function: Water globe irrigation device – Features: Decorative design – Watering Method: Accurate delivery of water directly into the soil – Prevention of Water Waste: No splashing … Read more

Watering Stakes

Specifications Product Specification: – Type: Watering Stakes – Quantity: 10 Pack – Function: Indoor Automatic Drip Watering System – Suitable for: Plant Watering – Equipment Tool: Irrigation Equipment – Probes Material: Ceramic – Suitable for: Houseplants Editor’s Review Introduction The Watering Stakes 10 Pack is an innovative indoor automatic drip watering system designed to simplify … Read more