Seed Sprouter Kit


Product Specification for Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit:

– Two-tier stackable mini seed sprouter
– Transparent trays for observing plants
– Supports up to 4 additional trays for simultaneous sprouting
– No soil or sunlight required, just water and time
– Hydroponic setup provides humidity and favorable conditions for faster germination
– Year-round indoor gardening
– Suitable for growing organic alfalfa, mung bean, radish, broccoli seed, and chia seed sprouts
– Allows propagation of a new crop every week
– Ideal for healthy snacking
– Can be used to grow microgreens for sandwiches, salads, toppers, grain bowls, or soup
– Easy to use and eco-friendly grower
– Made of BPA-free food grade plastic
– Features a vented lid and bottom part designed to catch water
– Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.25 inches
– Each seed sprouting container is 1.5 inches tall

GARDENS ALIVE! Seed Sprouter Kit, Two Tier Stackable Seedling Starter Tray with Lid, Microgreens Propagator Mini Plant Grow Trays, Germinate Seeds Indoors, Healthy Snacks,...
  • TWO TIER STACKABLE MINI SEED SPROUTER - Personalized microgreens grow kit features transparent trays for observing your plants, and supports up to 4...
  • NO SOIL OR SUNLIGHT REQUIRED - Just water and time. Hydroponic setup provides humidity and favorable conditions which allow seeds to germinate up to...
  • YEAR ROUND INDOOR GARDENING - Enjoy freshly grown organic alfalfa, mung bean and radish sprouts, broccoli seed or chia seeds sprouts . Propagate a new...
  • HEALTHY ANYTIME SNACKING - Grow your very own ready to eat crop at home, office or school. DIY microgreens for sandwiches, spicy salads, toppers,...
  • EASY TO USE ECO-FRIENDLY GROWER - BPA-free food grade plastic grow containers. Features a vented lid, and bottom part designed to catch water....

Editor’s Review

Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit: Convenient and Eco-Friendly Indoor Gardening Solution


Indoor gardening has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its numerous benefits, including fresh and organic produce, year-round availability, and the ability to grow plants in limited spaces. The Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit is a two-tier stackable mini seed sprouter that offers a personalized and efficient solution for growing microgreens and sprouts at home. With transparent trays, a soil-free system, and easy-to-use features, this kit promises to revolutionize your indoor gardening experience. In this comprehensive review, we will discuss the key features of the Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit, its benefits, and how it can enhance your snacking options.

Transparent Trays for Observing Your Plants:

One of the standout features of the Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit is its transparent trays. These trays allow you to observe the growth process of your plants, making it an enjoyable and educational experience, especially for children. The transparency of the trays ensures that you can monitor the development of your sprouts and microgreens without any hassle. Whether you are sprouting alfalfa, mung beans, radish sprouts, or chia seeds, the transparent trays provide a clear view of every stage of growth.

Stackable Design for Convenience:

The two-tier stackable design of this seed sprouter kit is another remarkable feature. It supports up to 4 additional trays, which means you can grow various kinds of seeds simultaneously. This not only maximizes the use of space but also allows you to have a continuous supply of fresh sprouts and microgreens. The stackable design is particularly useful if you have limited space in your kitchen, office, or school. With the ability to grow multiple crops at once, you can enjoy a diverse range of flavors and textures without any hassle.

Hydroponic System for Faster Germination:

Unlike traditional gardening methods that rely on soil and sunlight, the Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit eliminates the need for both. With this kit, all you need is water and time. The hydroponic setup provides the ideal humidity and favorable conditions for seeds to germinate. In fact, the Seeds sprouted in this kit germinate up to 20 times faster than those grown in soil. This is a significant advantage, especially for those who seek quick results and a constant fresh supply of sprouts and microgreens.

Year-Round Indoor Gardening:

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of the Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit is its ability to facilitate year-round indoor gardening. With this kit, you can grow your favorite sprouts and microgreens regardless of the season. Whether it is winter or summer, you can enjoy the pleasure of freshly grown organic alfalfa, mung bean and radish sprouts, broccoli seeds, or chia seeds sprouts. The kit allows you to propagate a new crop every week, ensuring a continuous supply of healthy greens throughout the year.

Healthy Anytime Snacking:

In addition to the convenience and flexibility it offers in growing your own greens, the Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit also promotes healthy anytime snacking. By growing your own microgreens and sprouts, you can have a ready-to-eat, nutrient-rich crop at home, office, or school. These DIY microgreens can be used as toppings for sandwiches, added to spicy salads for an extra crunch, or incorporated into grain bowls for a burst of flavor. With this kit, creating healthy and delicious snacks becomes effortless and enjoyable.

Easy to Use and Eco-Friendly:

The Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit is designed with user convenience and environmental consciousness in mind. Made from BPA-free food-grade plastic, the grow containers ensure that your sprouts and microgreens stay safe and free from harmful contaminants. The kit also features a vented lid that allows proper airflow while preventing excessive moisture. This ensures optimal growth conditions for your plants. Moreover, the bottom part of the container is designed to catch water, making it mess-free and easy to maintain. Measuring 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.25″ h, each seed sprouting container is 1.5″ tall, making them compact and space-saving.


The Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit is a game-changer for indoor gardening enthusiasts. With its transparent trays, stackable design, hydroponic system, and eco-friendly features, this kit offers a practical and efficient solution for growing microgreens and sprouts at home, office, or school. It allows you to enjoy the pleasure of year-round indoor gardening, enhance your snacking options, and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. If you are looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to grow your own fresh produce, the Gardens Alive Seed Sprouter Kit is a must-have.

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