Canadian Red Cedar Ergonomic S-Shape Sauna Backrest

Specifications Product Specification: – Material: Canadian red cedar wood – Design: Ergonomic S-shape – Application: Suitable for use in both infrared saunas and traditional saunas – Function: Provides comfort and support for the back, while covering infrared heat panels or leaning back on a traditional sauna bench – Quantity: Pack of 1 backrest included – … Read more

DawnBreak Arm Trimmers

Specifications – Product Name: DawnBreak Sauna Arm Trimmers Sauna Sweating Arm Bands Women Arm Shaping Fat Reducer for Sports Workout‚Äì1 Pair – Material: Made of heat-trapping polymer fabric – Function: Traps heat to warm the arms and increase temperature, leading to quick sweating and additional calorie burn – Closure: Designed with Velcro (hook & loop) … Read more

Saunacore Kw 10.5 ULT Sauna Heater

Specifications Product Specification: – Saunacore Kw 10.5 ULT Sauna Heater – Mercuri Digital Wall Control – Heats up to 525 cubic feet (length x width x height) – Stainless Steel construction – Industrial low-density silver solder Incoloy elements – 3 level adjustable rock tray – Outstanding safety and energy saving features – Can be used … Read more

Canadian Red Cedar Barrel Sauna

Specifications Product Specification: – Material: Canadian red cedar – Size: Spacious interior cabin that can accommodate 4 to 6 people – Easy installation: Ships with all necessary fittings and hardware – Health benefits: Relieves stress, improves blood circulation and heart health, helps fight illnesses, and flushes body toxins – Traditional Scandinavian experience: Cozy barrel sauna … Read more