Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens


Product Specification:
– Lens Type: Cine Auto Focus Lens
– Lens Mount: Sony E (SYCAF75-NEX)
– Usability: 2 Tally Lamps for showing recording status
– User Interface: Simple interface for independent content creators’ self-filming
– Form Factor: Compact & Lightweight
– Focal Length: 75mm
– Weight: 280g
– Gear Positions: Standardized for gimbals and drones
– Resolution: Suitable for high-resolution cameras up to 8K
– Aperture: Fast aperture for precise bokeh
– Color Tone: Unified color tone reduces post-production time
– Expandability: Electronic connector for communication with exclusive accessories
– Customization: ‘Focus save’ function and custom mode for video-specific functions
– Compatibility: Accessories to be released exclusively for Cine AF lens.

Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens for Sony E (SYCAF75-NEX)
  • Outstanding Usability: 2 Tally Lamps, located in the front of the lens and mount index, intuitionally show recording status. Simple user interface...
  • Unified Form Factor - Compact & Lightweight: Various focal length lenses with related accessories for filming. Consistent form factors & compact...
  • 8K & Unified Color Tone: Cine AF lens designed for high-resolution cameras up to 8K, offering fast aperture and precise bokeh. The unified color tone...
  • Expandability: Cine AF lens has an electronic connector in front of the lens, enabling communication between the Cine AF lens and its exclusive...
  • Custom Switch & Button: Features the 'Focus save' function usually in professional cine equipment and custom mode that adds function by firmware,...

Editor’s Review

Outstanding Usability

The Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens for Sony E (SYCAF75-NEX) is a remarkable lens that offers outstanding usability for independent content creators. With its intuitive design, this lens provides a simple user interface solution for self-filming.

  • 2 Tally Lamps: One of the standout features of this lens is the presence of 2 tally lamps, conveniently located in the front of the lens and the mount index. These tally lamps serve as visual indicators to show the recording status, allowing for easy monitoring during filming.
  • Intuitive Features: The lens incorporates intuitive features that make it incredibly user-friendly. This is particularly beneficial for independent content creators who may not have a large crew to assist with filming. With this lens, self-filming becomes hassle-free and highly manageable.

Unified Form Factor – Compact & Lightweight

Another impressive aspect of the Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens is its unified form factor, which offers a compact and lightweight design. This lens is part of a broader range of focal length lenses and related accessories aimed at filmmakers.

  • Consistent Form Factors: For those who use multiple lenses, having consistent form factors across the range is essential. Samyang understands this need and ensures that their lenses maintain a unified form factor. This allows for seamless transition and setup when switching between lenses.
  • Compact & Lightweight: Weighing only 280g, the Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens is incredibly lightweight. This makes it ideal for use with gimbals and drones, as it adds minimal weight and does not disrupt the balance of the equipment.
  • Standardized Gear Positions: To further enhance usability, this lens features standardized gear positions. This means that whether you are using it on a gimbal or a drone, you can easily find the appropriate gear position for smooth and consistent operation.

8K & Unified Color Tone

If you are a filmmaker who demands the highest quality, the Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens will not disappoint. This lens is specifically designed for high-resolution cameras, supporting resolutions up to 8K. It delivers exceptional image quality and ensures precise bokeh.

  • Fast Aperture: With a fast T1.9 aperture, this lens allows for impressive low-light performance and creative depth-of-field control. It ensures that you can capture stunning images even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Unified Color Tone: One key advantage of using Samyang’s Cine AF lenses is the unified color tone across the range. This means that you can achieve consistent color gradings without spending excessive time in post-production. It saves valuable time and ensures a more efficient workflow.


The Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens offers expandability through its electronic connector located in front of the lens. This connector enables communication between the lens and its exclusive accessories, providing additional functionality and creative possibilities.

  • Exclusive Accessories: While this lens already offers impressive features, Samyang plans to release exclusive accessories specifically designed for their Cine AF lenses. These accessories will further enhance the lens’s capabilities and expand its range of applications.

Custom Switch & Button

Aspiring cinematographers, students, and amateur users will appreciate the custom switch and button features of the Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens. These additions provide valuable video-specific functions, usually found in professional cine equipment, in a user-friendly form.

  • Focus Save Function: The lens includes the ‘Focus save’ function, which is typically seen in professional cine equipment. This function allows you to save and recall focus points, ensuring consistent and precise focusing in your shots.
  • Custom Mode: The lens also supports custom mode, which allows users to add additional functions via firmware updates. This is particularly beneficial for students and amateur users who aspire to experiment with different settings and control options, providing a stepping stone towards becoming professional cinematographers.

In conclusion, the Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens for Sony E (SYCAF75-NEX) is an outstanding lens that combines usability, compactness, excellent image quality, and expandability. Whether you are an independent content creator, a professional filmmaker, or an aspiring cinematographer, this lens offers the features and performance you need to capture stunning footage. With its intuitive design, unified form factor, and customizable features, the Samyang 75mm T1.9 Full Frame Cine Auto Focus Lens truly stands out as a top choice in the world of cinematography.

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