Saltwater Pool Test Strips


Product Specifications:
– Product Name: Saltwater Pool Test Strips
– Suitable for: Saltwater pools, swimming pools, and hot tubs
– Test Strip Type: Sodium chloride content
– Sodium Chloride Content Range: 0-8000 ppm
– Quantity: 25 test strips per kit
– Test Strip Material: High-quality PET paper
– Testing Method: Immerse test strip in water for 1 second, hold horizontally for 5 seconds, compare against color chart, and read immediately for accurate results
– Ideal Salt Level for Saltwater Pools: 3200 ppm sodium chloride
– Usage Tips: Do not shake excess water off the strip after immersing, keep wet fingers away from the strips, read under natural daylight for best results, use the product immediately after opening for more accurate results.

Saltwater Pool Test Strips, Swimming Pool and Spa Salt Test Strips Kit for Sodium Chloride Content 0-8000 ppm, 25 Count
  • WHAT IS SALTWATER POOL : Saltwater pools are some pools which can create chlorine by adding salt in the pool water. Swimming in a saltwater may be...
  • WHY MEASURE SALT IN THE POOL: Most saltwater pool require a salt content of 1,500–4,500 ppm as sodium chloride (NaCl) in the swimming pool. If the...
  • FAST TO TEST SALT FOR POOL: Immerse all the testing parts of the test strip into water for 1 second and take it out;Do Not shake excess water off ,...
  • SPECIALLY FOR SALTWATER POOL: Each salt pool test strips is made of high quality PET paper that provides instant and reliable results. No need to...
  • TIPS FOR ACCURATE RESULTS: Keep wet fingers away from the strips. Read under natural daylight for best results. After you open the product, please use...

Editor’s Review


Saltwater pools have become increasingly popular among pool owners due to their ability to create chlorine through the addition of salt. This provides a more comfortable swimming experience for those who may be sensitive to traditional chlorine-treated pools. However, it is essential to maintain the salt levels in these pools regularly to ensure cleanliness and safety.

The Importance of Measuring Salt in the Pool

Measuring the salt concentration in a saltwater pool is crucial for several reasons. Most saltwater pools require a specific salt content of 1,500‚Äì4,500 ppm (parts per million) as sodium chloride (NaCl). If the salt concentration is too high, it can lead to damage to the pool’s equipment and surfaces. On the other hand, if the salt level is too low, the pool may not have enough chlorine produced, resulting in unsafe swimming conditions.

Introducing the Saltwater Pool Test Strips

To ensure the accurate measurement of salt levels in your saltwater pool, the Swimming Pool and Spa Salt Test Strips Kit offers a convenient and reliable solution. This kit includes 25 test strips specifically designed for saltwater pools, hot tubs, and traditional swimming pools.

Easy and Fast Testing

Using the saltwater pool test strips is a breeze. Simply immerse all the testing parts of the strip into the pool water for just one second. Once removed from the water, avoid shaking off excess water and instead hold the strip horizontally for five seconds. Then, compare the strip against the color chart provided and read the results immediately for accurate measurements.

Perfect for Saltwater Pools

These salt pool test strips are specially formulated for saltwater pools, ensuring reliable and instant results. Each strip is made of high-quality PET paper, which guarantees accurate and consistent measurements. The strip does not require shaking after being dipped into the water, saving you time and effort. With just five seconds of waiting time, you can quickly get the results needed for your saltwater pool, as well as your swimming pool or hot tub.

Tips for Accurate Results

To ensure the most accurate results, it is essential to follow a few tips when using the saltwater pool test strips. Firstly, keep your fingers dry to prevent any additional moisture from interfering with the results. Reading the strip under natural daylight will provide the best visibility and accuracy. Additionally, it is recommended to use the test strips as soon as possible after opening the product to maintain optimal performance and accuracy.


In conclusion, the Saltwater Pool Test Strips are a reliable and efficient tool for measuring the salt concentration in your saltwater pool. With their easy-to-use design, accurate results, and suitability for saltwater pools, hot tubs, and traditional swimming pools, these test strips are a must-have for any pool owner. By regularly testing the salt levels in your pool, you can ensure a comfortable and safe swimming experience for yourself and your family.

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