SACD Player with Bracket KHM-230AAA


Product Specification:
– Product Name: SACD Player, CD Optical Pickup Laser Lens KHM-230AAA Head Audio System Parts
– Laser Type: Visible light band range head
– Operation Mode: Continuous
– Compatibility: Designed specifically as a replacement for worn out or damaged lens
– Material: Made with reliable and high-quality materials, according to factory specifications
– Characteristics: Stable, high reliability
– Structure: Simple and compact
– Performance: Excellent working performance for radio audio system
– Function: Necessary part for optical drive, responsible for data reading
– Service Life: Long service life
– Bracket: Comes with a bracket for easy installation

SACD Player, CD Optical Pickup Laser Lens KHM-230AAA Head Audio System Parts Long Service Life with Bracket Fit for The Worn Out or Damaged Lens
  • 【VISIBLE LIGHT WAVES】This is a visible light band range head with continuous operation mode.
  • 【DEAL REPLACEMENT】Optical pick up laser is a great optical lens replacement for the worn out or damaged lens.
  • 【RELAIBLE MAYERIAL】According to the factory specifications, stable characteristics, high reliability.
  • 【EXCELLENT WORK PERFORMANCE】Simple and compact structure that will brings excellent working performance for the radio audio system.
  • 【NECESARY PART FOR OPTICAL DRIVE】 It is the heart of the optical drive and the most sophisticated part. It is mainly responsible for data reading.

Editor’s Review


The SACD Player CD Optical Pickup Laser Lens KHM-230AAA Head is a vital component for any audio system. With its visible light waves and excellent work performance, this optical pick up laser lens is a reliable and necessary part for an optical drive.

Visible Light Waves

The KHM-230AAA Head operates within the visible light band range. This ensures that it emits light that falls within the human eye’s perception. The continuous operation mode allows for seamless data reading and transmission. This visible light feature enhances the overall experience of using this SACD player.

Deal Replacement

The CD Optical Pickup Laser Lens KHM-230AAA Head serves as a great replacement option for a worn-out or damaged lens. Over time, lenses in optical drives can become worn or damaged, affecting the performance and accuracy of data reading. With this optical pick up laser lens, users can easily replace the old lens and restore the audio system to its optimal functioning.

Reliable Material

The optical pick up laser lens is made from high-quality materials that meet factory specifications. This ensures stable characteristics and high reliability, making it a durable and long-lasting component for audio systems. The trustworthy construction of the KHM-230AAA Head provides peace of mind to users, knowing that their investment is built to withstand years of use.

Excellent Work Performance

With its simple and compact structure, the KHM-230AAA Head delivers excellent work performance for radio audio systems. Its seamless operation allows for smooth data reading and transmission, resulting in clear, high-quality audio output. The advanced technology incorporated into this optical pick up laser lens contributes to the overall efficiency and performance of the audio system.

Necessary Part for Optical Drive

The KHM-230AAA Head is the heart of any optical drive and considered the most sophisticated part. It plays a crucial role in data reading and transmission, ensuring that audio files are accurately reproduced. Without a reliable optical pick up laser lens like this one, the performance of the optical drive would be compromised, resulting in poor audio quality and disrupted playback.

  • Easy installation: The KHM-230AAA Head comes with a bracket that makes installation hassle-free. Users can easily replace the worn-out or damaged lens by attaching the optical pick up laser lens to the bracket.
  • Long service life: This SACD player CD Optical Pickup Laser Lens boasts a long service life, providing users with years of uninterrupted audio enjoyment. The durable materials and reliable construction contribute to its extended lifespan.
  • Compatible with various systems: The KHM-230AAA Head is compatible with a wide range of audio systems, making it a versatile choice for audiophiles and professionals alike. Whether you have a home entertainment system or a professional studio setup, this optical pick up laser lens will deliver outstanding performance.
  • Smooth data reading: The KHM-230AAA Head’s advanced technology enables smooth and accurate data reading. This ensures that audio files are played seamlessly, without any skips or interruptions. Users can enjoy their favorite music or movies without any disruptions, thanks to the reliable performance of this optical pick up laser lens.
  • Enhanced sound quality: The precise data reading capability of the KHM-230AAA Head contributes to enhanced sound quality. Users can expect clear and crisp audio with minimal distortion, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their favorite music or movies. The improved sound quality provided by this optical pick up laser lens enhances the overall audio experience.


The SACD Player CD Optical Pickup Laser Lens KHM-230AAA Head is a reliable and necessary component for any optical drive. With its visible light waves, simple installation, compatibility with various systems, and enhanced sound quality, this optical pick up laser lens is a top choice for audiophiles and professionals. Its long service life and smooth data reading capabilities ensure a seamless audio experience. Make the KHM-230AAA Head a part of your audio system and enjoy superior performance and sound quality for years to come.

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