Rocstor VT0C42-01 Charging Cart


Product Specification:

1. Model: Rocstor VT0C42-01 Charging Cart
2. Color: Silver Grey
3. Capacity: Built for 42 Devices
4. Storage Compartments: Store and A/C Charge Compartments
5. Construction Material: Steel
6. Durability: Built to Last, Built Solid
7. Transportation: Easy Transportation
8. Loading and Unloading: Easy Loading and Unloading
9. Cable Management: Smart and Simple Cable Management
10. Front Doors: Retractable Front Doors

Rocstor VT0C42-01 Charging Cart with Intelligent Power Charging, Silver Grey
  • Built for 42 Devices. Store and A/C Charge Compartments
  • Steel Construction. Built to Last. Built Solid. Easy Transportation
  • Easy Loading and Unloading
  • Smart and Simple Cable Management
  • Retractable Front Doors

Editor’s Review


The Rocstor VT0C42-01 Charging Cart with Intelligent Power Charging is a powerful and efficient solution for storing and charging up to 42 devices simultaneously. With its sleek silver grey design, this charging cart offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. Built with durable steel construction, it ensures reliability and longevity, providing a solid solution for any environment. Its easy transportation feature and smart cable management make it a convenient and practical choice for schools, businesses, and other settings.

Storage and Charging Compartments

The Rocstor VT0C42-01 features spacious compartments that can hold and charge up to 42 devices at a time. With separate compartments for storage and A/C charging, it provides a comprehensive solution for securely storing and powering devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. The compartments are intelligently designed to accommodate devices of different sizes, ensuring a snug fit and preventing any damage during transportation.

Built to Last

This charging cart is built with a strong steel construction, making it highly durable and capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use. Its sturdy design ensures the safety and security of the devices stored inside. Whether it’s in a busy classroom or a bustling office, you can trust that your devices will be protected by this robust charging cart. The silver grey finish adds a touch of elegance to its overall appearance, making it an attractive addition to any environment.

Easy Transportation

The Rocstor VT0C42-01 offers hassle-free transportation with its convenient features. Equipped with durable casters, this charging cart can be easily maneuvered from one room to another. The smooth-rolling wheels glide effortlessly, allowing you to effortlessly transport the cart without exerting excessive effort. Whether it’s across the hallway or across the building, this charging cart ensures effortless mobility, saving time and effort.

Easy Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading devices has never been easier with the Rocstor VT0C42-01. Its well-designed compartments provide hassle-free access to each device, allowing for quick and efficient loading and unloading. The spacious compartments ensure that devices can be easily inserted and removed without any obstructions or complications. Whether you’re preparing devices for a new day of work or collecting them at the end of the day, this charging cart simplifies the process, saving valuable time and effort.

Smart and Simple Cable Management

Cable management can be a real headache when it comes to charging multiple devices. However, the Rocstor VT0C42-01 simplifies this process with its smart and simple cable management system. The cart features dedicated compartments for neatly organizing charging cables, preventing tangling and creating a clean and organized appearance. With strategically placed cable management options, you can easily route and secure cables, ensuring a clutter-free workspace. This makes it easier to locate and connect devices, saving valuable time and eliminating frustration.

Retractable Front Doors

The retractable front doors of the Rocstor VT0C42-01 add an extra layer of security and convenience. These doors can be easily opened or closed, providing quick access to the devices stored inside. When closed, the doors securely lock, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safety of the devices. The retractable design eliminates the need for swinging doors, which can sometimes be cumbersome and inefficient in tight spaces. With these retractable front doors, the Rocstor VT0C42-01 offers a practical and secure solution for storing and charging devices.


The Rocstor VT0C42-01 Charging Cart with Intelligent Power Charging is a reliable and efficient solution for storing and charging multiple devices simultaneously. With its spacious compartments, durable steel construction, and easy transportation features, it offers a robust and practical solution for schools, businesses, and other settings. The smart cable management system and retractable front doors further enhance its functionality and security. Whether you need to store and charge devices in a classroom, office, or any other environment, this charging cart is a solid choice.

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