MABELSTAR Hydraulic Crimping Heads FYQ-1000 Hydraulic Compression Head

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: MABELSTAR – Model: FYQ-1000 – Crimping Heads Type: Hydraulic – Crimping Range: 400-1000mm2 – Double Speed Action: Fast advancing speed for rapid approach of blades to the connector and a slower, more powerful speed for cutting – Operator Comfort: The tool head can be fully rotated through 360 degrees for … Read more

Vision Scientific Simul-Focal Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope W/Hakko Double Port Solder Station and Micro-Soldering Kit, 144-LED Light, CellPhone Repair Platform.

Specifications Product Specification: – Model: Vision Scientific VS-10FZ-IFR07-SD2 – Type: Simul-Focal Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope – Magnification Range: 7x-45x (expandable to 3.5x-90x with included Barlow lens) – Field of View: 2 ¬Ω‚Äù (65mm) – Trinocular Head: 45¬∞ inclined, rotates 360¬∞ – Interpupillary Adjustment: 54-76mm – Diopter Adjustment: +/-6 – Optical Design: Parfocaled – Soldering Station: … Read more

Precision Screwdrivers Set, 48 in 1 S2 Steel Mini Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Repair Tool Kit

Specifications – Product Name: Lifegoo Precision Screwdrivers Set – Material: S2 steel (screwdriver bits), Aluminum (handle and case) – Number of pieces: 48 in 1 – Compatibility: Suitable for repairing smartphones, iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad, electronics, watches, laptops, eyeglasses, circuit boards, toys, PCs, computers, game consoles, and most handheld devices. – Screwdriver Bits: Made of … Read more