Reflective Film for Promoting Plant Growth


Product Specification:
– Material: PETP film
– Eco-friendly and safe for use
– Excellent property of transmitting solar radiation
– Portable and lightweight
– Foldable for convenient storage
– Reflects light onto plants to promote growth
– Suitable for use in gardens or greenhouses
– Ideal for placing on walls, ceiling, and floors
– Improves light reflection and distribution
– Can be easily cut into different sizes
– Easy and convenient to use

Binyalir Reflective Film, PETP Film Plant Reflective Film Healthy for Promoting Plant Growth for Wall
  • This plant reflective film is adopting PETP film, eco-friendly, safe and healthy, and has excellent property of transmitting solar radiation
  • Portable and lightweight, it also can be folded for convenient storage
  • Making the most efficient use of your lighting by reflecting light onto your plants, perfect for using in garden or greenhouse to promote plant growth
  • Ideal for placing on wall, ceiling and floors of a growing area, in order to improve light reflection and distribution
  • It can be simply cut into different sizes to meet your needs, easy and convenient to use

Editor’s Review


The Binyalir Reflective Film is an eco-friendly and safe solution for promoting plant growth. Made from PETP film, this lightweight and portable film is designed to transmit solar radiation efficiently. With the ability to reflect light onto plants, this film is perfect for use in gardens or greenhouses. It can be easily cut into different sizes to meet specific needs, making it a convenient and user-friendly option for any indoor or outdoor growing area.

Design and Construction:

The Binyalir Reflective Film is constructed using high-quality PETP film. This material not only ensures the film’s durability and longevity but also makes it environmentally friendly and safe for both plants and users. The film is transparent and allows for efficient transmission of solar radiation, ensuring that your plants receive ample amounts of light for optimal growth.

The film is also designed to be portable and lightweight, allowing for easy transportation and installation. Whether you want to use it in your garden or greenhouse, the film can be easily folded and stored when not in use. This feature provides added convenience, especially for those with limited storage space.

Efficient Lighting:

One of the key features of the Binyalir Reflective Film is its ability to make the most efficient use of lighting. By reflecting light onto plants, this film maximizes the availability of light, ensuring that plants receive the necessary energy for photosynthesis. This is particularly beneficial in areas where natural sunlight may be limited.

The film’s reflective properties are especially useful when placed on walls, ceilings, or floors of a growing area. It improves light reflection and distribution, ensuring that all parts of your plants receive adequate light. This promotes uniform growth and helps prevent plants from becoming lopsided or spindly due to uneven lighting.

Easy to Use:

The Binyalir Reflective Film is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its customizable design. The film can be simply cut into different sizes to meet your specific needs. Whether you have a small plot or a large greenhouse, you can easily adapt this film to fit any space.

Additionally, the film’s lightweight and portable nature make it easy to handle during installation. You can effortlessly position and secure the film wherever you deem necessary without any hassle. Its flexibility allows it to conform to various surfaces, making it a versatile option for different growing environments.

Benefits for Plant Growth:

Using the Binyalir Reflective Film offers numerous benefits for promoting plant growth. By redirecting light onto plants, it enhances their ability to photosynthesize, resulting in healthier and more robust growth. This is particularly crucial for indoor gardens or greenhouses where natural sunlight may not be optimal.

The film’s ability to improve light reflection and distribution across a growing area ensures that plants receive consistent and even lighting. This helps prevent the development of weak or spindly stems, as well as encourages more compact and bushy growth.

Furthermore, the film’s eco-friendly construction ensures that it won’t have any detrimental effects on plants or the environment. You can use it with peace of mind, knowing that it won’t release any harmful chemicals or toxins into your growing area.


In conclusion, the Binyalir Reflective Film is an excellent choice for promoting plant growth in gardens or greenhouses. Its eco-friendly PETP film construction and efficient light transmission properties make it a safe and healthy option for plants. Its lightweight and portable design allows for easy transport and storage, while its customizable nature ensures a perfect fit for any growing area. With the ability to improve light reflection and distribution, this film is a valuable tool for achieving optimal plant growth.

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