Reflective Mylar, Silver Reflective Film, Reflective Film, Silver Plant Reflective Film

Specifications Product Specification: – Type: Reflective film – Material: PETP film (Polyethylene terephthalate) – Color: Silver – Purpose: Improving light reflection and distribution in growing areas – Eco-friendly and safe to use – Excellent property of transmitting solar radiation – Portable and lightweight – Foldable for easy storage – Can be cut into different sizes … Read more

HFS Black and White Panda Film 5.5 Mil 100% Virgin Poly Film

Specifications Product Specification: – Material: 100% virgin poly materials – Thickness: 5.5 Mil – Width: 10FT – Length: 100FT – Strength: Strong tensile properties, difficult to tear in daily use – Light-tight: Provides 100% light proof and waterproof protection – Black surface performance: Absorbs light to isolate light – White surface performance: Reflects over 90% … Read more