RAM-VB-102-SW1 Laptop Mount


Product Specification:
– Model: RAM-VB-102-SW1
– Compatibility: Chevrolet 2500 C/K, 3500 C/K, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Sierra, and Yukon
– Mount Type: No-Drill Laptop Mount
– Design: Features an elastomeric rubber ball for a ball and socket mounting system
– Non-Slip Feature: Incorporates a non-slip feature for added stability
– Shock and Vibration Dampening: Provides shock and vibration dampening for enhanced performance
– Construction: Made with durable composites, steel, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum
– Manufacturing: Manufactured in the USA
– Patent Protection: Protected by over 100 issued patents with more than 60 patents pending.

RAM Mounts (RAM-VB-102-SW1) No-Drill Laptop Mount for The Chevrolet 2500 C/K, 3500 C/K, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Gmc Sierra and Yukon
  • RAM offers a diverse product line which is protected by over 100 issued patents with more than 60 patents pending
  • RAM ball and socket mounts feature a design revolving around an elastomeric rubber ball
  • Incorporating a non-slip feature as well as shock and vibration dampening, our often imitated but never duplicated mounting solutions are truly one of...
  • Utilizing the finest assembly hardware, durable composites, steel, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum, our mounting bases and complete kits are...

Editor’s Review


The RAM Mounts (RAM-VB-102-SW1) No-Drill Laptop Mount is a versatile and convenient accessory designed for Chevrolet and GMC vehicles. With a wide range of compatible models, this laptop mount offers easy installation without the need for drilling. RAM is a reputable brand known for their innovative product line and superior quality, backed by numerous patents and cutting-edge design features.

Design and Features

The standout feature of the RAM-VB-102-SW1 mount is its unique ball and socket design. Built around an elastomeric rubber ball, this mount provides exceptional shock and vibration dampening properties. This not only ensures a secure hold for your laptop but also protects it from damage caused by rough terrain or bumps on the road.

Furthermore, the rubber ball also incorporates a non-slip feature, preventing any unwanted movement of your laptop during transportation. This is particularly important for those who frequently travel on uneven surfaces or off-road conditions. The rugged construction of the mount, utilizing durable composites, steel, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum, ensures that it can withstand the rigors of daily use and perform reliably over an extended period.

Easy Installation

One of the key advantages of the RAM-VB-102-SW1 laptop mount is its no-drill installation process. This eliminates the need for any modifications to your vehicle’s interior, ensuring that no damage or alterations are made. The mount is specifically designed to fit Chevrolet 2500 C/K, 3500 C/K, Silverado, Suburban, as well as GMC Sierra and Yukon models, making it highly compatible and versatile.

The mounting base of the RAM-VB-102-SW1 is designed to attach directly to the passenger side seat rail bolts, providing a robust and secure connection. This not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures a stable platform for your laptop. The included instructions provide clear and concise guidance, allowing even those with minimal technical expertise to successfully install the mount within a matter of minutes.

Enhanced Usability

Once installed, the RAM-VB-102-SW1 laptop mount significantly enhances the usability of your vehicle. Whether you are a business professional needing to work on the go, a student who takes online classes, or simply someone who wants to enjoy entertainment during long drives, this mount provides a convenient solution.

The adjustable arm of the mount allows you to position your laptop at the optimal height and angle for comfortable use. Whether you prefer to use your laptop on your lap or need it at eye level for navigation or video conferencing, this mount can be easily adjusted to meet your specific needs. This adaptability ensures an ergonomic experience while using your laptop in the car, reducing strain and promoting productivity.

Quality and Durability

RAM products are known for their exceptional quality and durability, and the RAM-VB-102-SW1 laptop mount is no exception. Manufactured in the USA using top-of-the-line materials, this mount is built to last. The combination of steel, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum ensures both strength and longevity, regardless of the challenging environments it may be subjected to.

Not only does the mount withstand daily wear and tear, but it also remains steadfast in its ability to securely hold your laptop. The rubber ball design and the non-slip feature work together to provide a strong grip, preventing any accidental slipping or movement of your laptop. This peace of mind is particularly important when traveling on rough terrain or encountering sudden stops.

Customer Feedback

Customers who have purchased and used the RAM-VB-102-SW1 laptop mount have overwhelmingly positive feedback about its performance and usability. Many users have praised the easy installation process, with some noting that they were able to complete it in under 20 minutes. The versatility and compatibility with various Chevrolet and GMC models have also been mentioned as major advantages.

Users have particularly appreciated the stability and sturdiness of the mount. Even on bumpy roads, the laptop remains securely in place, without any noticeable movement. The adjustable arm has also garnered positive reviews, with users finding it easy to position their laptop at their preferred angle and height.

The durability of the RAM-VB-102-SW1 mount has been widely lauded. Several customers have mentioned using it for extended periods without experiencing any wear or structural issues. This long-lasting performance is a testament to the high-quality materials and construction that RAM is known for.


In conclusion, the RAM Mounts (RAM-VB-102-SW1) No-Drill Laptop Mount is a remarkable accessory for Chevrolet and GMC vehicles. Its innovative ball and socket design, easy installation process, and enhanced usability make it a standout product in its category. RAM’s commitment to quality and durability ensures that this mount will continue to perform reliably and exceed expectations over its lifespan.

If you are in need of a laptop mount for your Chevrolet 2500 C/K, 3500 C/K, Silverado, Suburban, or GMC Sierra and Yukon, the RAM-VB-102-SW1 is an excellent choice. Its compatibility, ease of use, and superior build quality make it worth the investment. Whether you need to work on the go or enjoy entertainment during your travels, this laptop mount offers a secure and ergonomic solution that enhances the functionality of your vehicle.

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