RAHYMA Weiping Raytools Metal Cutting Collimating Lens


Product Specification:

– Brand: RAHYMA
– Model: Weiping – Raytools BM111
– Power Range: 0-3300W
– Auto Focusing Fiber Cutting Head
– Metal Cutting
– Collimating Lens
– Lens Size: CL100 FL125
– Lens Size: CL100 FL155
– Equipped with D30 composite lens groups
– Maximum Fiber Power: Up to 3KW
– Maximum Acceleration of Lens Driver: 10m/s2
– Maximum Speed: 10m/min
– Optimized Optical Configuration
– Smooth and Efficient Airflow Design
– Automatic Focusing Range: +10~-12mm
– Adjustment Accuracy: 0.05mm
– Drawer-Type Lens Mount for quick and easy replacement of protective lens
– Equipped with QBH, QD, and other fiber interfaces to match various fiber lasers.

RAHYMA Weiping - Raytools BM111 0-3300W Auto Focusing Fiber Cutting Head Metal Cutting Collimating Lens 100mm FL155mm/81 (Size : CL100 FL125) CL100 FL200 (Size : CL100 FL155)
  • Equipped with D30 composite lens groups,the maximum fiber power is up to 3KW;Maximum acceleration of lens driver 10m/s2,maximum speed 10m/min;
  • The composite lens groups are used for beam collimating and focusing to obtain the best optical quality and cutting effect;
  • Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design;Automatic focusing range+10~-12mm,adjustment accuracy 0.05mm;
  • The drawer-type of lens mount makes the replacement of protective lens more quickly and easier;
  • Equipped with QBH,QD and other fiber interfaces can match with various fiber lasers.

Editor’s Review


The RAHYMA Weiping – Raytools BM111 is an auto-focusing fiber cutting head designed for metal cutting applications. With a maximum power of 3300W and advanced features such as optimized optical configuration and efficient airflow design, this cutting head promises to deliver excellent optical quality and cutting efficiency. In this review, we will explore the key features and benefits of the BM111 and evaluate its performance in different cutting scenarios.

Key Features

  • Equipped with D30 composite lens groups, allowing a maximum fiber power of up to 3KW
  • Maximum acceleration of lens driver: 10m/s2
  • Maximum speed: 10m/min
  • Composite lens groups for beam collimating and focusing to ensure optimal optical quality and cutting effect
  • Optimized optical configuration and efficient airflow design for smooth operation
  • Automatic focusing range: +10mm to -12mm
  • Adjustment accuracy: 0.05mm
  • Drawer-type lens mount for quick and easy replacement of protective lens
  • Compatible with QBH, QD, and other fiber interfaces for versatility in matching with various fiber lasers

Optical Quality and Cutting Efficiency

The BM111 cutting head boasts D30 composite lens groups that enable a maximum fiber power of 3KW. This high power capability ensures efficient cutting of metal materials. The composite lens groups play a crucial role in beam collimation and focusing, resulting in excellent optical quality and precise cutting effects. Whether you are working on thin or thick metal sheets, the BM111 consistently delivers clean and accurate cuts.

Performance and Speed

With a maximum acceleration of 10m/s2 and a top speed of 10m/min, the BM111 provides fast and efficient cutting performance. The lens driver’s high acceleration ensures quick positioning of the cutting head, reducing overall cutting time. Whether you are working on intricate designs or large-scale projects, the BM111’s speed capabilities will meet your demands and enhance your productivity.

Optimized Optical Configuration

One of the standout features of the BM111 is its optimized optical configuration. The carefully designed configuration ensures that the laser beam maintains its quality throughout the cutting process, resulting in clean and precise cuts. This feature is particularly beneficial when cutting reflective materials, as it minimizes the risk of unwanted reflections and distortions.

Efficient Airflow Design

To guarantee optimal performance and longevity of the cutting head, the BM111 incorporates an efficient airflow design. The smooth airflow prevents debris and dust from accumulating on the lens, maintaining its clarity and minimizing the need for frequent cleaning. This design also helps in dissipating heat effectively, ensuring that the cutting head remains at the optimal operating temperature during prolonged usage.

Automatic Focusing

The BM111 offers automatic focusing within a range of +10mm to -12mm. This wide focusing range allows for versatile cutting applications, accommodating different material thicknesses. The automatic focusing feature simplifies the setup process and ensures that the laser beam is precisely focused on the workpiece, resulting in accurate and consistent cuts. With an adjustment accuracy of 0.05mm, the BM111 delivers exceptional cutting precision.

User-friendly Design

The drawer-type lens mount of the BM111 makes the replacement of protective lenses quick and easy. This design eliminates the need for additional tools, allowing for swift lens changes during production. The user-friendly aspect of the BM111 enhances the overall efficiency of the cutting process, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


The BM111 is compatible with various fiber lasers through its QBH, QD, and other fiber interfaces. This compatibility ensures flexibility and versatility when integrating the cutting head into different laser systems. Whether you are using a QBH or QD connector, the BM111 can seamlessly adapt, making it suitable for a wide range of laser cutting applications.


In conclusion, the RAHYMA Weiping – Raytools BM111 is a top-performing auto-focusing fiber cutting head that offers exceptional optical quality, cutting efficiency, and user-friendly features. Through its advanced technologies, such as D30 composite lens groups and optimized optical configuration, the BM111 consistently delivers precise and clean cuts on various metal materials. Its efficient airflow design and automatic focusing capabilities further enhance its performance and ease of use. With compatibility across multiple fiber interfaces, the BM111 ensures flexibility in integration with different laser systems. If you are in need of a high-quality cutting head for your metal cutting applications, the BM111 is a reliable and efficient choice.

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