Portable Mini Smartphone teleprompter


Product Specification:
– Product Name: ILOKNZI Portable Mini Smartphone Teleprompter
– Adjustable for Laptap, DSLR Camera, and Tripod
– Designed for making short videos with a smartphone and mini teleprompter
– Convenient Design for easy use
– Allows natural facing of the camera or computer camera while giving a speech
– Three usage methods: handheld, desktop, and display
– Equipped with high-quality 70/30 visible light transmission ratio splitter glass
– Text displayed on the teleprompter is clear and not captured by the camera
– Easy to carry with one hand, lightweight and portable
– Comes with a carrying bag for safe and convenient transportation

Editor’s Review

Convenient Design

The ILOKNZI Portable Mini Smartphone teleprompter is a professional tool designed for smartphone teleprompter prompts. It weighs less and is easier to use when making short videos with a smartphone and Mini teleprompter. The convenient design ensures that users can easily carry and use the teleprompter wherever they go.

Easy Speech All the Time

One of the standout features of this teleprompter is that it allows short video workers and speakers to naturally face the camera, DSLR, or computer camera to give a speech without worrying about tedious copywriting. With the teleprompter, users can maintain eye contact with the camera while reading their script, enhancing their professional appearance and ensuring smooth delivery.

Three Usage Methods

The ILOKNZI Portable Mini Smartphone teleprompter offers three versatile usage methods – handheld, desktop, and display. This means that whether you prefer to hold the teleprompter in your hands, place it on a table or desk, or mount it on a tripod, this teleprompter can meet your specific needs. This flexibility is ideal for various usage scenarios, making it a practical tool for different shooting environments.

Special Glass

The teleprompter is equipped with high-quality 70/30 visible light transmission ratio splitter glass. This special glass ensures that the displayed text is clear and legible, while the camera will not capture the inscription texts. The glass acts as a two-way mirror, allowing the user to see the script while the camera does not pick up any reflections or texts displayed on the teleprompter. This feature guarantees a seamless and professional video recording experience.

Easy to Carry

The ILOKNZI Portable Mini Smartphone teleprompter is extremely lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry wherever you need to go. With its convenient size, the teleprompter can be held in one hand without causing any burden or strain. Additionally, the teleprompter comes with a standard carrying bag, allowing you to transport it safely and conveniently. Whether you are shooting on location or traveling, this teleprompter can be easily packed away and taken with you without any hassle.

  • Portable design allows for easy transportation
  • Comes with a standard carrying bag for added convenience
  • Compact size allows for one-handed operation
  • No burden or strain when carrying the teleprompter
  • Perfect for shooting on location or traveling

In conclusion, the ILOKNZI Portable Mini Smartphone teleprompter is a highly convenient and practical tool for anyone involved in short video production or public speaking. With its lightweight design, versatile usage methods, and special glass, this teleprompter offers a seamless experience for users. Whether you are a content creator, vlogger, or presenter, this teleprompter can greatly enhance your videos and presentations. Additionally, the included carrying bag ensures that you can easily transport the teleprompter wherever you need to go. If you are looking for a reliable and user-friendly teleprompter, the ILOKNZI Portable Mini Smartphone teleprompter is definitely worth considering.

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