Portable Astronomical Telescope


Product Specification:

– Product: Portable Astronomical Telescope
– Brand: Slokey
– Model: 40070
– Suitable for: Adults and Beginners
– Easy to Assemble and Use Simple Design
– Ideal for Stargazing and Viewing Planets
– Magnification: 16x-120x
– Eyepieces: 0.9” and 0.3”
– Additional Lens: 3x Barlow lens
– Adjustable Focal Length for Optimal Observation
– Manage Image Brightness with Ease
– Adjustable Tripod Suitable for All Ages
– Compact Size and Lightweight Build
– Aperture: 2.7”
– Focal Length: 15”
– FMC-treated Lenses for Sharp and Vivid Images
– Suitable for Observing Moon, Mars, Venus, and more
– Sturdy Build with 2-year Guarantee
– Ideal for Beginners and Amateurs
– Reliable and Portable Astronomical Telescope
– European Company with 96% Customer Satisfaction Rate
– Designed for All Ages and Skill Levels
– Refund Available if Not Completely Satisfied

Slokey Telescope for Astronomy - Portable and Powerful 16x-120x Travel Scope - Easy to Mount and Use - Ideal for Kids and Beginner Adults - Astronomical Telescope for Moon,...
  • Slokey 40070 with the 0.9'' and 0.3'' eyepieces, 3x Barlow lens, and 16x-120x magnification, precisely adjust the focal length for optimal observation...
  • The Slokey 40070's simple design makes it easy to set up and enjoy, with an adjustable tripod suitable for all ages. Take it with you wherever you go,...
  • The 2.7'' aperture and 15'' focal length of the Skyways 40070 produce sharp and vivid images with FMC-treated lenses. Observe the Moon, Mars, Venus,...
  • Spend more time stargazing with the Slokey 40070's sturdy build, backed by a 2-year guarantee. Ideal for beginners and amateurs who want a reliable...
  • Our European company boasts a 96% customer satisfaction rate with our telescopes, designed for all ages and skill levels. Enjoy a refund if you're not...

Editor’s Review


The Slokey 40070 Portable Astronomical Telescope is a powerful and easy-to-use telescope designed for both adults and beginners. With its simple design and adjustable tripod, it is the ideal tool for stargazing and viewing planets. In this review, we will explore the features and benefits of the Slokey 40070 and why it is a great choice for astronomy enthusiasts.

Powerful Magnification and Optimal Observation

The Slokey 40070 comes with a range of accessories that enhance its magnification capabilities and allow for optimal observation. With the included 0.9” and 0.3” eyepieces, as well as a 3x Barlow lens, users can precisely adjust the focal length for the best viewing experience. The telescope offers a magnification range of 16x-120x, ensuring that you can observe celestial objects with clarity and detail.

Easy Assembly and Simple Design

One of the standout features of the Slokey 40070 is its simple design, which makes it easy to assemble and use. Whether you are a seasoned astronomer or a beginner, you will have no trouble setting up this telescope. The adjustable tripod is suitable for all ages, and the telescope’s compact size and lightweight build make it portable and convenient to take with you wherever you go.

Sharp and Vivid Images

With a 2.7” aperture and a 15” focal length, the Slokey 40070 produces sharp and vivid images that will astound you. The telescope’s lenses are FMC-treated, further enhancing the quality of the images you can expect to see. Whether you are observing the Moon, Mars, Venus, or other celestial bodies, you can be confident that the Slokey 40070 will provide exceptional clarity and detail.

Sturdy Build and 2-Year Guarantee

The Slokey 40070 is designed to withstand the demands of regular stargazing. Its sturdy build ensures stability during observation, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the wonders of the night sky. Additionally, the telescope comes with a 2-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing a reliable product that is backed by the manufacturer.

Beginner-Friendly and Portable

The Slokey 40070 is an ideal choice for beginners and amateurs who want a reliable and portable astronomical telescope. Its simple design and easy assembly make it accessible to those who are new to astronomy, while its powerful magnification capabilities satisfy the needs of more experienced users. Furthermore, its lightweight build and compact size make it effortless to transport, allowing you to take it with you on all your stargazing adventures.

Customer Satisfaction and Refund Policy

As a European company, Slokey boasts a 96% customer satisfaction rate with their telescopes. The Slokey 40070 is no exception, offering users a fantastic experience and fulfilling their expectations. However, in the rare event that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, Slokey offers a refund policy, ensuring that you can buy with confidence.


In conclusion, the Slokey 40070 Portable Astronomical Telescope is a powerful and user-friendly tool that is perfect for adults and beginners alike. Its adjustable focal length, sturdy build, and FMC-treated lenses ensure optimal observation and sharp, vivid images. With its simple design and easy assembly, it is accessible to all skill levels, while its portability allows for stargazing adventures wherever you go. With Slokey’s high customer satisfaction rate and refund policy, you can be confident in your purchase. Start your astronomical journey with the Slokey 40070 and explore the wonders of the night sky.

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