Pool Breeze Metal Removing Agent

Specifications Product Specification: – Name: Pool Breeze Metal Removing Agent (3 Pack) – Purpose: Prevents staining and scaling – Features: – Controls metal scaling – Prevents the build-up of mineral deposits – Quantity: 3 Pack Editor’s Review Introduction The Pool Breeze Metal Removing Agent is a revolutionary product designed to prevent staining and scaling in … Read more

StainEraser 11001

Specifications Product: StainEraser 11001 The Pool Stain Eraser Specifications: – Instant results – Made from a proven patented formula – Will not damage pool or plaster spa surface – Does not scratch, damage or gouge pool surface – Not suitable for rough surfaces – Estimated product life may be reduced on rough surfaces Editor’s Review … Read more


Specifications Product: Jack’s Magic JMCOPPER10 Stain Cleaner Specifications: – Designed specifically to remove copper stains and scale from pool surfaces – Can be used on all types of pool surfaces – Does not require draining the pool for stain removal – More effective than acid washing the pool Editor’s Review Introduction In this product review, … Read more

Copper & Scale Stuff – 12 Pack

Specifications Product Specification: – Name: Jack’s Magic Copper & Scale Stuff – Quantity: 12 Pack – Purpose: Removes copper stains and scale – Compatibility: Safe for all pool finishes when used as directed – Usage: Replaces the need to drain and acid wash pool finishes Editor’s Review Introduction Keeping your pool clean and well-maintained can … Read more