Spa Up

Specifications Product Specification: – Name: LEISURE TIME Spa Up – Formula: Granular formula – Weight: 2 lb – Function: Raises pH and total alkalinity in spas – Effectiveness: Increases the effectiveness of sanitizer Editor’s Review Introduction In this product review, we will be evaluating the LEISURE TIME Spa Up, granular formula. This product is designed … Read more

ZIQ-04 Liquid Spa Down, 1-Quart, 4-Pack

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: Leisure Time – Model: ZIQ-04 – Type: Liquid Spa Down for Spas and Hot Tubs – Quantity: 4-Pack – Volume: 1 Quart (32 ounces) per bottle – Formulation: Designed to lower the pH and total alkalinity of the water in spas and hot tubs – Packaging: Each quart bottle is … Read more

BioGuard Instant Stabilizer 100

Specifications Product Specification: – Name: BioGuard Instant Stabilizer 100 – Size: 1 gallon (per pack) – Quantity: 2 packs (total 2 gallons) – Function: Prevents the loss of free chlorine due to sunlight – Formula: Quick-dissolving formula – Application: Easier to apply than granular stabilizer – Benefits: Reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance costs Editor’s Review … Read more

67060 Swimming Pool Care Alkalinity Up

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: HTH – Model Number: 67060 – Product Name: Swimming Pool Care Alkalinity Up – Function: Raises Alkalinity in swimming pool water, Stabilizes pH Fluctuation – Quantity: 5 Lbs – Benefits: Ensures healthy swimming pool water and happy swimmers by raising total alkalinity level – Compatibility: Works with all swimming pools … Read more

Baqua Spa Total Alkalinity Increaser, 16 oz, Pack of 4

Specifications – Product Name: Baqua Spa 88822 Total Alkalinity Increaser Spa and Hot Tub Balancer – Size: 16 oz – Pack: Pack of 4 containers – Benefits: Increases the total alkalinity of your spa, hot tub, or Jacuzzi water – Use: Part of BAQUA Spa’s bromine-free and chlorine-free maintenance product line; Alkalinity should be maintained … Read more


Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: EZ Spa API Up Fast Dissolving Hot Tub Granule pH Raising Alkalinity Balancing Chemicals – Weight: 1 Pound – Type: Granules – Purpose: pH raising and alkalinity balancing in hot tubs – Dissolving Time: Fast dissolving formula – Compatibility: Suitable for use in hot tubs – Brand: EZ Spa … Read more

Clorox pH Down, 5 lb

Specifications Product: Clorox Pool&Spa 12105CLX pH Down, 5 lb – Purpose: Lowers high pH in swimming pool water and restores neutral pH – Protects from scale formation – Safer and easier to use than Muriatic acid: – Easy pour application without splashing – Suitable for salt pools – Power Source Type: Manual (no power source … Read more