Tetra Pond Floating Water Lily

Specifications – Product Name: Tetra Pond Floating Water Lily – Colors: Assorted (pink, purple, pale yellow, orange) – Pond D√©cor: Adds beauty to any outdoor ornamental pond – Convenience: Artificial blooming flowers with lily pads float upon the water using a hidden foam base – Realistic: Durable plastic lilies provide pops of color in any … Read more

Water Pool Fountain

Specifications Product Specification: – Type: Water Pool Fountain – Size: 36″ – Material: 304 Stainless Steel – Features: Lighted Pool Waterfall Spillway, Wider Water Flow Platform, Multi-Color LED Strip Light with Remote Control – Suitable for: Indoor, Garden, Outdoor Decoration – Includes: 1 spillway, IP68 LED strip, remote, IP67 adaptor, and supply cord – Design: … Read more