Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels


properties Product Specification:
– Material: Polycarbonate
– Quantity: 12 panels
– Panel Size: 4 ft x 2 ft
– Panel Thickness: 0.16 inch
– Color: Greenhouse panels
– Protection: Waterproof, UV protected
– Design: Hollow honeycomb multi-layer design
– Insulation: Good heat insulation effect, energy-saving
– Temperature Control: Reduces greenhouse temperature in summer, keeps greenhouse warm in winter, heat resistant and UV resistant
– Cuttable: Can be easily cut into required size
– Installation: Easy to install with ordinary tools
– Flexibility: Can be cold formed into an arch to fit greenhouse frame
– Durability: Sturdy, thickened, and shatterproof
– Multipurpose: Suitable for building plant greenhouses, swimming pool roofs, outdoor canopies, garden fences, aisle roofs, etc.

12 Pack Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels Polycarbonate Sheets Waterproof UV Protected Reinforced Cold Flexible Strong Impact and Shatterproof Panel for Greenhouse (4' x 2' x...
  • Sturdy and Thickened: you will receive 12 pieces polycarbonate greenhouse panels, the size is approx. 4 x 2 ft, the thickness is about 0.16 inch,...
  • Hollow Honeycomb Design: the polycarbonate sheet adopts honeycomb multi layer design, which has a good heat insulation effect and plays a role in...
  • Easy to Cut: our polycarbonate panels can be cut into the required size, just use a utility knife(not included), be careful not to cut your own...
  • Easy to Install: even with just ordinary tools, you can install this lightweight clear roof panels, although tough, these shatterproof greenhouse...
  • Multipurpose: polycarbonate roof sheets can not only be applied to build plant greenhouses, but also can be applied for swimming pool roofs, outdoor...

Editor’s Review

properties, making them versatile for various outdoor applications.

Sturdy and Thickened Panels

The 12 pack polycarbonate greenhouse panels are sturdy and thickened, ensuring their durability and reliability. Each panel measures approximately 4 x 2 feet and has a thickness of about 0.16 inch. This thickness makes them shatterproof and resistant to breakage, allowing them to withstand various weather conditions without getting damaged easily. With these panels, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will serve you for a long time.

Hollow Honeycomb Design for Energy Efficiency

These polycarbonate greenhouse panels feature a unique hollow honeycomb multi-layer design, which provides excellent heat insulation properties. This design helps in saving energy by reducing the greenhouse temperature during summer and keeping it warm in winter. The hollow honeycomb structure traps air, creating a layer of insulation that minimizes heat transfer. Additionally, these panels are heat resistant and UV resistant, ensuring they are not easily affected by extreme temperatures or harmful sun rays.

Easy to Cut for Customization

The polycarbonate panels are easy to cut, allowing you to customize them to fit your specific needs. All you need is a utility knife (not included) to easily cut the panels into the required size. However, it is important to exercise caution while cutting to avoid any accidents or injuries. With the ability to trim the panels, you can easily modify them to fit the dimensions of your greenhouse or any other outdoor structure.

Simple Installation Process

Installing these polycarbonate greenhouse panels is a breeze, requiring only basic tools. Despite their toughness, these shatterproof panels are flexible enough to be cold formed into an arch shape, allowing them to fit snugly onto your greenhouse frame. Whether you are setting up a new greenhouse or replacing existing panels, the installation process will be hassle-free. The lightweight nature of the panels also makes handling and positioning them much easier.

Multipurpose Usage

Apart from building plant greenhouses, these polycarbonate roof sheets have a wide range of applications. They can be used as swimming pool roofs, outdoor canopies, garden fences, aisle roofs, and more. With their beautiful appearance and excellent heat preservation and sun protection properties, they are suitable for various outdoor structures. Whether you need to create a shaded outdoor area or protect your plants from harsh weather conditions, these panels have got you covered.


1. Durability: The thickened and shatterproof design ensures the panels will last for a long time, providing excellent value for money.
2. Energy Efficiency: The hollow honeycomb structure helps in saving energy by reducing greenhouse temperatures and providing insulation.
3. Customization: The panels can be easily cut into the desired size, allowing for customization to fit different structures.
4. Easy Installation: With basic tools, these lightweight panels can be quickly and easily installed onto greenhouse frames.
5. Versatility: The panels have multiple applications, making them suitable for various outdoor structures and projects.
6. Heat and UV Resistance: The panels are resistant to extreme temperatures and harmful UV rays, ensuring they maintain their quality over time.


1. Utility Knife Not Included: The panels require a utility knife for cutting, which is not included in the package. This means you will need to purchase one separately if you don’t already have one on hand.


Overall, the 12 pack polycarbonate greenhouse panels are a reliable and versatile solution for creating and maintaining a greenhouse or other outdoor structures. Their sturdy and thickened design ensures durability, while the hollow honeycomb structure provides excellent energy efficiency. With ease of customization, simple installation process, and multiple applications, these panels are a great investment for any outdoor project requiring waterproof, UV protected, and impact-resistant materials.

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