Truper 30314 Manure Fork

Specifications – Product Name: Truper 30314 Tru Pro 54-Inch Manure Fork 5-Tine – Handle Material: Premium North American white ash – Handle Length: 47 inches – Fork Tines: 5 – Head Construction: 1-piece forged for added strength – Intended Use: Commercial, industrial use in AG, dairy, farm, and ranch settings – Durability: Designed for a … Read more

Forever Fork

Specifications Product Specification: – Fork head material: Highest quality polycarbonate with UV protection – Compatibility: Fits most handles – Included accessories: Bolt, washer, and nut – Basket size: Bigger than most fork heads – Weight: Light and flexible design Editor’s Review Introduction The Forever Fork Head is a remarkable addition to any gardening tool collection. … Read more

Radius Garden 203 PRO Digging Fork

Specifications 1. Product: Radius Garden 203 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Digging Fork 2. Color: Original Green 3. Design: Ergonomic twist on a classical English design with square tines 4. Ideal uses: Turning and cultivating soil, moving mulch, sod, yard debris, digging potatoes and perennials 5. Material: Unbreakable resin-encased steel shaft 6. Socket: Seamless, extra-long socket … Read more

Fiskars Ergonomic Garden Fork

Specifications Product Specification: – Product name: Fiskars Ergonomic Garden Fork – Number of prongs: 4 – Total length: 122 cm (49 inches) – Material: High quality boron steel – Color: Grey/Black – Product code: 1001413 – Intended use: Digging and loosening soil, particularly suited for hard and stony soils – Suitable for users of all … Read more

Huina 583 Loader Upgrade – Quick Hitch and Fork Lift Attachment

Specifications Product Specification: – Compatible with Huina 583 Loader – Quick Hitch and Fork Lift Attachment – Model: Huina 1583 Loader – Modified Pallet Fork Accessories – Spare Parts in Pallet Fork color – Made from strong and durable L Metal material – Surface painting treatment for anti-rust and wear-resistance – Material/Process: Iron/Argon Arc Welding … Read more

Dixie Chopper 2-Hole Front Fork for Lawn Mowers Black

Specifications Product Specification: – Part Number: 100397 – Product Name: Dixie Chopper 2-Hole Front Fork for 3360 & More for Lawn Mowers – Color: Black – Material: High quality – Shipping: Fast shipping Editor’s Review Introduction The Dixie Chopper 2-Hole Front Fork, part number 100397, is an essential accessory for lawn mowers, specifically designed to … Read more

Outdoor Fire Pits

Specifications Product Specification: – Size: 32 inches – Type: Outdoor Wood-Burning Fire Pit – Material: High-strength steel construction with a cast iron main body – Features a spark screen to prevent embers/sparks and debris from getting out – High-operating temperature for enjoying fires on crisp autumn nights – Lightweight and easy to assemble or disassemble … Read more

AMES 4-Tine Floral Spading Fork

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: AMES 2916400 4-Tine Floral Spading Fork – Head Type: 4-Tine – Head Material: Forged (strong and durable) – Handle Type: D-grip – Handle Material: Hardwood (shock-absorbing) – Comfort and Control: D-grip handle adds comfort and control Editor’s Review Introduction The AMES 2916400 4-Tine Floral Spading Fork is a must-have … Read more

Pallet Fork

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Landy Industries Pallet Fork – Size: 120 * 40 * 1070 (measured in millimeters) – Function: Used for lifting and transporting pallets or heavy loads – Fork Locking Mechanism: Clips are utilized to lock the forks in place, ensuring stability during use – Material: Not mentioned – Weight: Not … Read more

Draper Stainless Steel Garden Fork

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Draper 83753 Extra Long Stainless Steel Garden Fork with Soft Grip – Overall Length: 1050mm – Recommended User Height: Beneficial for people 6ft tall and over – Handle Type: Y-Dee handle – Handle Grip: Soft handgrip – Material: Stainless Steel Editor’s Review Introduction The Draper 83753 Extra Long Stainless … Read more