Forklift Fork Universal Fit

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: Forklift Fork – Fork Length: 48 inches – Overall Length: 58 inches – Width: 5.9 inches – Height: 39 inches – Hitch: SS; JD; EG – Load Capacity: 5,500 lbs – Universal Fit: Yes Editor’s Review Introduction The forklift fork is an essential tool for businesses and industries that require … Read more

Zenport Hoe Fork Combo

Specifications – Product Name: Zenport J608-12PK Hoe Fork Combo – Quantity: Box of 12 – Material: Stainless Steel – Size: 3.25 inches Editor’s Review Introduction The Zenport J608-12PK Hoe Fork Combo is a versatile gardening tool that combines the functions of a hoe and a fork. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these tools are durable, … Read more

AMES 2826200 Spading Fork

Specifications Product Specification: – Brand: AMES – Model: 2826200 – Type: Spading Fork – Material: Forged Steel – Number of Tines: 4 – Handle Type: Hardwood – Handle Length: 45 inches – Grip Type: D-Grip (Poly D-grip) – Features: – Sharp tines for breaking up tough soil and clay – Hardwood handle for strength and … Read more

Reinforced Fork

Specifications Product Specification: – Product: Reinforced Fork – Material: SST (Stainless Steel) – Tine Length: 9 inches – Standards: FDA and USDA approved – NSF/ANSI Standard 2 certified for Food Equipment – Handle Type: T-handle Editor’s Review Introduction In this product review, we will be discussing the reinforced Fork with SST and 9-inch tines. This … Read more

Spirale cutting head, √ò 150mm

Specifications – Product Specification: Notched forked cutting head – Diameter: √ò 150mm – Spiral Diameter: 22mm – Construction style: superior strength and maintenance of exact torque length – Material: single piece of alloy steel – Connection: dovetail design for exceptionally strong connection – Interchangeability: complete head interchangeability across the full spectrum of torque ranges Editor’s … Read more

DuraFork Pitch Fork Replacement Head

Specifications Product Specification: – Product Name: Little Giant DuraFork Pitch Fork Replacement Head – Product Number: PDF103PURPLE – Material: Polycarbonate – Construction: Durable – Color: Purple – Angled Tines: Yes – Tine Length: 13.125 inches – Tine Width: 15.125 inches – Attachment Type: Nylon Locknut – Color Options: Berry Blue, Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Hot … Read more